Painting a Bathroom Floor (a DIY painted rug)

A temporary bathroom floor makeover (temp likely meaning a few years) until bigger renovation with tile is in the budget can make a HUGE difference. Look at the transformation, using paint. I love it! I may never want to tile this floor!
When we bought our old farmhouse, there was carpet in the bathroom (gross!). So we immediately tore it out before moving in. But that’s as far as we got (so many projects, only so much $ and time). We have big plans for this bathroom. It sits between my office/guest room and the family room so even though there is a powder room on the first floor too, this bathroom gets used just as often by guests and family. It needed SOMETHING!

I filled in the cracks/seams with wood filler.

Sanded. (It’s not completely smooth and perfect, but we were okay with imperfections. It is an old farmhouse, after all.) You could also lay down a fresh new base but we were cutting corners.
2 coats of Zinsser Primer

2 coats of Valspar Porch and Floor paint. I chose a color called Journey. It’s a nice dark chocolate brown.

Then, a lot of measuring to create a painted rug base. I used Frog Tape. It is amazing and really cuts down on touch ups. Actually when I used it on the walls, NO touch ups were needed. I did need to do a bit with the floors though. Anyway, I also used the Frog Tape to create a border by covering up some of the base.
I painted my ‘rug’ color twice using Benjamin Moore (eggshell finish) in Smoke Embers.

Then immediately pulled off the tape, pulling away from the paint (some of the tape was completely covered though so fingers do get paint-y). I had newspaper laid out near by so I could throw the wet-painted tape on it (pushing into a garbage bag = bigger sticky mess).

Once that was dry, I continued with measuring, taping and using a stencil to complete my design.

My big center area is 3 x6, so using a pencil, I drew a grid with 12″ squares in order to keep everything symmetrical. I learned that a Magic Eraser is quick and easy for erasing pencil! But, when all was said and done, most of the penciled area was covered by paint and what wasn
‘t, I painted over when doing my final touch ups. I considered using a chalk line, but intimidation got the better of me. I’ve never used one and with me being down on the floor…I was worried I’d smear it all.

I even painted over the gray area one time because despite drawing some ideas on paper, I didn’t like the first design. It’s just paint and it really doesn’t take too long. Right under this room is a wood stove, so the floor is warm and helps to speed up drying time.

I did use acrylic craft paint for the stencil (that happens to match the dark brown perfectly) because it is thicker consistency than the brown floor paint I used. Also – my stenciled areas “bled” a little – anyone know how to get a perfect stencil? Anyway – it actually gave it more character and I like the effect of “fuzzy” edges with the stencil rather than “clean edges”. It really does give it more of a “rug-look”. And honestly – can you really tell? Not unless your nose is 6 inches from it. 🙂

(It’s not a pretty job – painter’s butt! And since I can’t stop once I get started, dark circles.)


Next, a couple of coats of water-based polyurethane to seal and protect. I used Minwax Water Based Polyurethane. I’m applying 3 coats by using a brush along the border and against the wall and a foam roller for the rest of it. Now it’s waterproof and protected.

Last part coming up! Replacing the baseboard trim, re-installing the pedestal sink and then the fun part – decorating! I know everyone wouldn’t pair the striped walls with a doily-designed painted floor but the best part about decorating for yourself is doing what you love, right? I promise I won’t hang a polka-dotted shower curtain and crazy wall art. 😉
See DIY and bathroom progress in our
DIY farmhouse

Materials: {affiliate links}

Large Wall Damask Stencil Faux Mural Design #1015 5″ x 7 3/8″
Large Wall Damask Stencil Faux Mural Design #1012 9″ x 7 7/8″
FrogTape 1358463 Multi-Surface Painting Tape, Green, 0.94-Inch Wide by 60 Yards Long
Flower Stencil Zinnia Grande size Med – Reusable wall stencils better than wall decals
Shur-Line 4-Inch Foam Mini Roller Refills, 2-Pack #04940C
Minwax 63333 Satin Polycrylic Protective Finishes, 1 Quart

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