Easy As ABC!

RWhen I saw a cute chair in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (100 Decorating Ideas under $100, Spring 2009), I couldn’t resist making my own little whimsical chair for the mudroom using this chair:

Old wooden chair (sanded)
Canvas alphabet stickers (& may need some adhesive spray glue) or the article mentioned using chipboard letters (flowers would be cute for a little girl!)
Spray paint
Throw pillow/coordinating ribbon (optional)

I removed the seat and sanded the chair (okay, so I had Russ sand the chair – even better!). I then attached the stickers. I had to use a spray adhesive on the back of some of them to get them to really stick. I attribute this to the chair not being fully sanded.

The I used primer over the entire chair and stickers using a brush but using a spray primer would have worked quicker.

After that dried, I used this great spray paint for the final coat. I love this spray paint with a trigger (Home Depot)!

After paint dries, reattach the seat and add a cute throw pillow (yes…it’s a “baby” pillow but so what? I sewed ribbon to the corners so it would stay put) and all done!

Isn’t it cute? Probably very appropriate for a baby boy’s room but since we don’t have one of those…it’s a perfect addition to our mudroom, a spot to sit and put on your shoes or a time out chair for the grown baby boy that I married! lol


Lord of the (key) Rings

Ever here the saying “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached?” That is my dear, darling husband. He forgets where he puts things. He loses tools, kitchen utensils, books, his cell phone, his super hero ring and his keys. (See HERE and HERE.) So with the mudroom being completed, I wanted a place specifically designated for his keys when he walks in the door.

I found this cute snack tray at World Market and decided to give it a new impressive job title…Sargent Key Keeper.
Update – It seems World Market has sold out of the snack trays. I did see something similar at TJMaxx. I also found these similar ones:

  • This one at Target is square and has 4 dishes (His/Hers/Yours and the training M&Ms!)
  • This one at Target comes with two 3-serving trays (one for you, one for a gift)
  • Here’s one with an iron stand
  • Another option
  • Try googling 3-way divided snack tray, try adding “white” or “ceramic”

I think it’s very happy, preventing rushing-out-the-door meltdowns by guarding the keys and of course I couldn’t help labeling each “dish” because it would be pretty rude of me if guests were to arrive and see what they might consider is an empty snack tray. How heartbreaking. Now…even guests have a special designated spot for their very own keys.
Stickers (not the paper-thin cheap ones, try something a little sturdier/vinyl)
Mod Podge
Spray lacquer

  1. Apply stickers.
  2. Apply Mod Podge with a brush. I did a swirling motion since the brush marks were visible. Let dry. If you finish with this step – do not get the dishes wet, wipe with a dry cloth or you’ll moisten and peel the Mod Podge.
  3. (Optional) Spray with a matte laquer for better protection against getting wet.


Now to train Mr. Forgetful to remember to use it…

Cute Kid’s Kitchens

Submitted by: Jane, Out of the Crayon Box

Yesterday I shared Jane’s cool refrigerator makeover. Today, I’m showing off her AMAZING kid’s kitchens:

“I think it is really important for kids to play house. Kitchen center was always a favorite when I taught kindergarten. That is why I am so excited to present this play kitchen to my friend’s daughter for her second birthday tomorrow. I know she will get many years of play out of it. I used a lot of recycled materials and recycling is important these days too!”

Jane – your vision for turning old furniture into something gorgeous is awesome! Both of these kitchens are adorable! I’m ready to turn back time and play! Thank you so much for “showing off”!

House Number Flower Pots

Our home sits back from the road and with two driveway entrances, I wanted to make it easier for first time guests to find us.

I don’t have a before picture, but I purchased terracotta posts from WalMart.

I used my favorite trigger spray paint, Universal Hammered Metal in Hammer Brown that I used on our herb garden urn.

(Sneak peak of flower/window box project too!)

I then ordered vinyl house number from etsy seller, VinylVineyard and applied 1 to each pot. After that I added a coat of satin finish lacquer.

And here is my completed project. Our house sits back from the road and is surrounded by bushes with the house numbers only displayed on the mailbox. So, this is our way of helping first time visitors find our home!

Updated 2013:

house number flower pots
*Another sneak peek at the window boxes. Installation pending concrete patio.

Update: The concrete bench along with the concrete urns and a cast iron birdbath were treasures (hidden in overgrowth that we couldn’t even see until we cleared it out) came with our home.I was clapping and shouting “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!” when Russ was moving it. Thankfully it’s 3 pieces but,

Lesson for the day: When husband is lifting a very heavy and awkward stone bench, do NOT make him laugh unless he is wearing steel-toe boots.