Easy As ABC!

RWhen I saw a cute chair in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (100 Decorating Ideas under $100, Spring 2009), I couldn’t resist making my own little whimsical chair for the mudroom using this chair:

Old wooden chair (sanded)
Canvas alphabet stickers (& may need some adhesive spray glue) or the article mentioned using chipboard letters (flowers would be cute for a little girl!)
Spray paint
Throw pillow/coordinating ribbon (optional)

I removed the seat and sanded the chair (okay, so I had Russ sand the chair – even better!). I then attached the stickers. I had to use a spray adhesive on the back of some of them to get them to really stick. I attribute this to the chair not being fully sanded.

The I used primer over the entire chair and stickers using a brush but using a spray primer would have worked quicker.

After that dried, I used this great spray paint for the final coat. I love this spray paint with a trigger (Home Depot)!

After paint dries, reattach the seat and add a cute throw pillow (yes…it’s a “baby” pillow but so what? I sewed ribbon to the corners so it would stay put) and all done!

Isn’t it cute? Probably very appropriate for a baby boy’s room but since we don’t have one of those…it’s a perfect addition to our mudroom, a spot to sit and put on your shoes or a time out chair for the grown baby boy that I married! lol


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