Lord of the (key) Rings

Ever here the saying “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached?” That is my dear, darling husband. He forgets where he puts things. He loses tools, kitchen utensils, books, his cell phone, his super hero ring and his keys. (See HERE and HERE.) So with the mudroom being completed, I wanted a place specifically designated for his keys when he walks in the door.

I found this cute snack tray at World Market and decided to give it a new impressive job title…Sargent Key Keeper.
Update – It seems World Market has sold out of the snack trays. I did see something similar at TJMaxx. I also found these similar ones:

  • This one at Target is square and has 4 dishes (His/Hers/Yours and the training M&Ms!)
  • This one at Target comes with two 3-serving trays (one for you, one for a gift)
  • Here’s one with an iron stand
  • Another option
  • Try googling 3-way divided snack tray, try adding “white” or “ceramic”

I think it’s very happy, preventing rushing-out-the-door meltdowns by guarding the keys and of course I couldn’t help labeling each “dish” because it would be pretty rude of me if guests were to arrive and see what they might consider is an empty snack tray. How heartbreaking. Now…even guests have a special designated spot for their very own keys.
Stickers (not the paper-thin cheap ones, try something a little sturdier/vinyl)
Mod Podge
Spray lacquer

  1. Apply stickers.
  2. Apply Mod Podge with a brush. I did a swirling motion since the brush marks were visible. Let dry. If you finish with this step – do not get the dishes wet, wipe with a dry cloth or you’ll moisten and peel the Mod Podge.
  3. (Optional) Spray with a matte laquer for better protection against getting wet.


Now to train Mr. Forgetful to remember to use it…

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