DIY wall shelves

DIY Drawer Shelves

Creative budget friendly ideas like these side table drawers turned wall shelves are such an inspiration. Beautiful, practical and so fun! DIY friends, I’d like to introduce you to Katie, lifestyle blogger at

Shades of Grey blog

and I’m honored to ‘show off’ her latest creative do-it-yourself project:

Katie was working with a limited budget of less than $20. She  wanted shelving and wanted it to be something you don’t see everyday. This is her creative solution…

DIY wall shelves

Adorable! Seriously. It might not be completely original (as Katie discovered on Pinterest) but to most of us, it IS original and definitely inspiration for dressing up an empty walls space.

For this DIY Project Katie used:

1. Drawers. Preferably made of real wood. Check local thrift store, the free section of Craigslist or Freecycle.
2. Paint- Katie used 3 small bottles of acrylic craft paint in dark brown. (optional)
3. Sand paper
4. Wrapping paper- Katie used this roll from the Container Store left over from a a nursery project. (other options: wallpaper, contact paper, scrapbook paper, fabric)
5. A glue stick, double sided tape or decoupage
6. Nails, hammer and laser level

Time: 1-2 hours
Cost: $12 for the drawers and the paint, everything else Katie had on hand (you probably do too!)

The Process:

First, sand down the sides and back of the drawers. Katie liked the wood grain and hardware so left the front of hers untouched.

drawer shelf project
If needed, give them a good 2-3 coats of paint.

Once dry, cut wrapping paper to fit into the bottom and secure with glue, double sided tape or decoupage medium.

Katie simply secured hers to the wall using two nails in each draw but since all drawers are different, she recommends looking at the bottom of the drawers to decide how they will hang flat on the wall.

Katie did a lovely job styling her shelves…
drawer shelves

styling shelves with vintage itemsvintage treasuresp

Previous life and up-cycled:

DIY drawer shelves before and after! How about you?

Pop over to pin from original source and to see “faith*family*photography*crafting” from Katie at Shades of Grey. She has 44 projects in her DIY category worth browsing! Tell her I said “hi”!

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