DIY Hand Purifier Teacher Appreciation Gift

One of the perks of having essential oils and {make & take party} supplies on hand is having last minute gift ideas. I whipped up this DIY hand purifier for Teacher Appreciation Gifts for the little one’s daycare workers. Affiliate links listed below. 

DIY Hand Purifier – teacher appreciation gift

DIY essential oil infused hand sanitizer spray recipe @diyshowoff

What I used: feel free to alter the recipe according to your stash of essential oils (use a cleansing/purifying blend). 

What I did:

I added the following to a 1 oz. glass spray bottle: 5-7 drops of Thieves essential oil, 2-3 drops of Melaleuca, one squirt of V6 then a pinch of epsom salt (to help keep oil + liquid mixed). I then 1/2 filled with distilled aloe liquid, topped off to where the bottle starts to curve at the neck of the bottle with witch hazel. Secure lid, shake and spray. Embellish with decorative tape and a label. Tie on a handwritten note with pretty ribbon. 

“Thanks you for your helping hands.” 

DIY essential oil infused hand sanitizer spray recipe @diyshowoff

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