DIY Chalkboard Party Favors

DIY Chalkboard Party Favors:

DIY chalkboard party favor clips


  • small flat wooden pieces 
  • chalkboard paint
  • clothes pins 
  • hot glue 
  • decorative tape or ribbon
  • chalk
  • optional: add a magnet to the back of the clothespin


1. I gave one side of my mini-chalkboards two coats of chalkboard spray paint and let dry.

mini chalkboard tutorial

2. I decorated my clothespins with decorative tape or ribbon. I recommend attaching/securing decorative tape or ribbon with glue (not just the sticky decorative tape) or spray paint clothespins.

decorative clothespins

3. Season chalkboards by rubbing chalk on the surface and erasing.

how to make mini chalkboard party favors

4. Hot glue clothespin to the back of the mini chalkboards.

chalkboard favors

5. And wrapped pieces of chalk with decorative tape too. 

decorative chalk

6. I also added some decorative tape to the back of my mini chalkboards. The clothespin holds the chalk.

DIY mini chalkboard tutorial

Since I made these for a group of 30 blog friends, I tied on my business card…cute!

DIY chalkboard promotional gifts

Great for a smaller sized get-together and I have a few left to attach some magnets to for the fridge. 🙂 

DIY chalkboard party favor clips

Thrifty Treasures – Chalkboard Tins

I’m sharing a small thrifty treasure makeover today at The DIY Club.

I used Deco Art Americana paint in Wedgewood Blue and Deep Midnight Blue + Deco Art’s new chalkboard medium (clear matte coat that transforms any painted surface into a chalkboard).

DIY chalkboard tins

Old tins + Deco Art = fun new storage. See the “how to” at The DIY Club.

DIY Club

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Cork/Chalkboard Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what to do with a collection of wine corks? I love this awesome project from Laura at

Top This Top That

who combines corks + wood trim + chalkboard to create a beautifully framed cork board/chalkboard. (Warning: This project may encourage more wine drinking.) Here’s how she made hers:

Materials needed
  • Wine corks- lots of them (Laura used 350!)
  • Piece of MDF-  pre-cut to 36inch x 24inch
  • trim for the outside frame
  • picture frame for the chalkboard
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint for the outer frame
  • liquid nails- to secure your frames
  • hot glue gun- to secure your wine corks
  • picture frame wire/screws, or Dischangers or 3M velcro for hanging
1) Cut  trim pieces for the frame.
2) Assemble boards on piece of MDF and secure with liquid nails.
3) Clamp and let dry.
4) Paint outside frame and MDF and picture frame.
5) Paint an inner area the same size of the inside of the picture frame with chalkboard paint according to instructions. Let dry.
6) Attach picture frame (framing the chalkboard painted area) with wood glue.
7) Pre-arrange and secure wine corks using hot glue.
8) Attach picture frame wire/screws, Dischangers or 3M velcro to hang.
9) HANG!
Her finished project looks like something I’d Pin from a Pottery Barn catalog. Awesome job, Laura!
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