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I’m a graphic designer, instructor and a packrat, just like my grandma. I have hoarding tendencies but I love pretty things, good design and the simple life. This blog is a journal of the everyday things that inspire me and the 80 year old pile of bricks I call home. While you’re dreaming, take time to appreciate what’s around you. 

Glorious Reminder:  While your dreaming, take time to appreciate what’s around you. 

Bathroom Makeover
Yikes! to Wow!
Collecting pieces and accents for 7 years is dedication but the beautiful result is well worth the wait. 
The details, colors and vintage vibe make me sigh.  LOVE!
See the before, the demo, the progress, beautiful details and inspiration at DONE!
There’s lots more DIY where that came from.  Here are a few more amazing projects…
Ugly Duckling to Swan Chairs
oh no!oh yes!
Lovely designer looking room too!

Garage Door Makeover
after – beautiful! (I’d give anything for a garage. Period. The doors? Icing!)
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