DIYShowOff Best of 2019

Helloooooo DIY lovin’ friends! It’s time for an annual recap of the year’s best DIY projects at DIYShowOff. 

Best DIY of 2019

2019 best diy

As you know if you’re a DIYShowOff fan, back in 2017 I purchased a building for my wellness studio, a space for wellness workshops, sharing my passion for essential oils, Aroma Freedom Technique, relaxation, reiki sessions and creating a chemical free home. Because I feel that creating a beautiful home begins with providing a safe environment for our families. 

helloredreno diyshowoff wellness inspired living studio

My studio space is located on the first floor. We have so much fun there learning and gathering! I always knew that I’d want to create a short term rental, AirBnb, type space on the empty under-utilized second story. I assumed I’d complete the project much like our home DIY, putting in the effort as time and money allowed. But as a year passed without any progress, I took the plunge in 2019 and invested in getting ‘er done! 

roeshel DIY wood plank wall



So my 2019 recap includes one room makeover from our home mixed in the highlights below but is mostly comprised of a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a labor of love at the apartment space we call “Suite Thyme” with the help of 1) Steve, my daughter’s fiancé who contributed a huge part of the hard labor (thank you, Steve!) and 2) Shelby, a dear friend and brilliant entrepreneur who offered up valuable guidance and mentorship (thank you, Shelby!) ,  3) the encouragement of friends and family and last but not least, 4) a loving supportive hubby, my Mr. DIY (thank you, Russ!). 

Let’s get this crazy trip down memory lane started! 


The entryway before was dull. It got a new coat of paint, a few new accessories and a new chandelier; the stairs, new carpeting. Not a huge transformation, just some freshening up of the existing original charm.  

See the entire before and after story here: 

Wellness Inspired Living // Suite Thyme entryway before and after


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff


boho entryway

Stair Landing

The stair landing is the ‘indoor porch’ area of the apartment. It’s a decent size but had no personality. 


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

Now it’s one of my favorite places for a quiet ‘get away’ and a cozy tranquil reading nook for guests. 

See the whole before/after story here: Suite Thyme reading nook / landing


stair landing airbnb butler pa suite thyme diyshowoff

Floral Wallpaper Mural 

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about the Suite Thyme renovation is the creative freedom and this floral wallpaper mural tutorial is hands down one of my favorite decorative choices. Bold and beautiful!

roeshel wallpaper mural


Back to our home for a second. Russ has been slowly working on creating a man cave space in the basement and when he worked his way with paint up the stairs, we continued with it into the sun room for a fresh new look. 

Sunroom Makeover


rustic Christmas sitting room

after … from rustic to eclectic!

Boho Sunroom Makeover

Don’t get me wrong, I love that rustic charm in the ‘before’ but I’m also SO in LOVE with the transformation to darker and more colorful boho chic vibe! How about you?

Livingroom Makeover

This combination living space includes a livingroom, dining area and kitchen. A bedroom at one time, it now functions as an open concept efficiency apartment space. Small, yes, but BIG on style. 

Suite Thyme LivingRoom


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

after … all decorated for the holidays! WOW!

christmas apartment livingroom

Efficiency Apartment Dining Area

It’s tricky fitting so much all into one space but we pulled it off! 

See the before/after apartment dining space / coffee bar post for more details. 


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

after … again, deck the halls! 

christmas apartment dining space

Efficiency Apartment Modern Kitchen

See the transformation here: Efficiency Apartment Kitchen Makeover

Feast your eyes on this happily ever after transformation story! 


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff

WHOA!!!!! after …

small modern airbnb apartment kitchen makeover


The apartment bedroom. What a fun makeover. It’s a pretty decent size with it’s two queen sized beds. Very relaxing too! 

Boho Bedroom Makeover


DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff


boho airbnb bedroom makeover suite thyme diyshowoff boho airbnb bedroom makeover suite thyme diyshowoff

Sweet dreams, indeed!

Bathroom Makeover

And this. This room. A dud, taken down to the studs and built back to one unbelievable beauty! 

Bathroom Before & After

before… gross!

DIY craft studio // workshop - before room makeover @diyshowoff


airbnb apartment bathroom makeover suite thyme airbnb apartment bathroom makeover suite thyme

Suite Thyme

Suite Thyme

And so, Suite Thyme was born and as of August 2019, it’s available as a short term rental in Butler, PA. We’ve had a number of guests since then and hosting is such a joy! I love providing a welcoming, comfortable home away from home for guests. 

Wellness Inspired Living

Wellness Inspired Living has been life changing for DIYShowOff, our family and friends and our community as well! Learn more about essential oils and chemical free living here: Wellness Inspired Living.



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Happy New Year

Now onto 2020! We’ll be back to some DIY, room makeovers and decorating at our home sweet home. On the to-do list: completing a mancave including murphy door into a bathroom, pretty much a bathroom renovation on every floor in our home (3 of them to be exact), freshening up the other rooms, decluttering, organizing and now that Russ completed the pathway through an outdoor enchanted forest – think twinkly fairy lights, landscaping, hammocks and garden projects. Looking forward to it all! 

How about you? What’s on your 2020 DIY list?

Wishing you the best year yet!