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Samsung Best Dressed Laundry Room

As I mentioned last week, I have the pleasure to participate as a guest judge in the Samsung Best Dressed Laundry Room Contest on the Samsung Home Pinterest board. The contest is now closed. 

As you know, we’re working on a laundry room makeover here at the DIY Show Off home. In fact, as I type this, my husband is screwing down the hardi-backer for tiling the floor! Progress! Judging the entries provided a lot of inspiration!

I judged each entry based on the following criteria:

  • Overall aesthetic of the pinned images
  • Creativity/originality of the pinned images
  • Representation of the home and contest theme (including décor, laundry room organization, etc.)

After tallying the scores of each entry, I decided this submission best represents the #SamsungSpinCycle design aesthetic: Ashley’s pinned laundry room from Domestic Imperfection had the highest points in all three categories. 

laundry room at Domestic Imperfection

(See more at Domestic Imperfection)

From the minute I saw her laundry room, I was drawn to the beautiful DIY, creativity and organization.

  • I love that her awesome folding station is made from leftover flooring.
  • I like that the pretty fabric curtain hides her appliances.  
  • By raising the cabinets and adding a wall shelf, she increased storage in this small space. 
  • The chicken wire on the cabinetry doors shows all of her easy to find organized supplies. 

So what does that mean for Ashley? My decision makes her a finalist in the Samsung Best Dressed Laundry Room Contest. The grand prize winner will ultimately be chosen by Samsung based on the guest judge’s decisions so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Ashley!

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