DIY Christmas Card Tree

DIY Christmas Card Tree {card display/holder}

Christmas cards have been arriving in the mail! It’s the best time of the year for checking the mail. Walking to the mailbox in cold temps, anticipating ‘good tidings’ and walking back into the house with a warm heart. Thoughtfulness and “Merry Christmas” delivered to our mail box. It’s just one more part of Christmas giving that makes my days merry and bright! We have two ways for displaying Christmas wishes. One is something I put together using scrap wood and trim pieces: 

DIY Christmas Card Tree

How I made it:

I gathered the scraps of moulding we had lying around, a 1×3.5 and a 4×4 scrap block. My 1×3.5 is about 21 inches long, the 4×4 is about 6 inches long. Adjust measurements for what fits your scrap wood.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I placed pieces on my 1×3.5 to get an idea of where things would go. I often use FrogTape as a measuring tool and in this case, I used it to evenly space my trim pieces by using them as a guide between trim pieces. I used the 1.88 in. width. I also left a small space above the “top” trim piece to allow room for gluing on a star.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I measured my trim to fit the 1×3.5 piece for the top of my “tree”.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I cut my pieces at a 45 degree angle.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

And lined up each piece for cutting…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

and cut each piece at a 45 degree angle.

All pieces are glued using Gorilla Wood Glue and clamped as well as screwed into place.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

The 4×4 was glued and clamped  to the bottom {back} and serves to make the Christmas card display free standing.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Everything got a coat of milk paint (General Finishes “basil”) and glaze with a dry brush with a spritz of Krylon Glitter Blast. {front and back} FrogTape was used to keep the 4×4 block of wood from being painted (I considered staining the wood block but see instructions below for my change in plans).

I spray painted small clothes pins and a wooden star.

Next I hot glued the clothes pins into place, staggering so cards won’t overlap by too much when displayed {FrogTape containers are great for storing glue sticks and keeping craft supplies organized}…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

and the star on top.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

My plan was to wrap the base using jute twine. But I’ve misplaced it, so I used a pretty wool yarn I had on hand, securing with hot glue.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

It’s such a cute way to display Christmas cards and pictures of my nieces and nephew:

DIY Christmas Card Display

a little Christmas card vignette display…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Doubles as a candle holder: When I don’t have anything to display, I can flip it to the back side, add a votive holder and candle…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Quick and Easy DIY Christmas card/photo display: Our other Christmas card/photo display is a tension rod. I simply sewed a sleeve, added curtain rings with clips. It’s been displayed in our window frame, on a small book case and in a (non working) fireplace opening. Here’s a picture from last year:

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I love this idea from Family Fun too – a tomato cage Christmas card holder…

tomato cage Christmas card holder

for more creative ideas, see my HomeTalk Christmas Card Display clipboard

HomeTalk christmas card photo display clipboard

Which do you prefer? How do you display your Christmas cards? If you have a do-it-yourself Christmas card holder, feel free to leave a link in the comments {and I’ll add you to my HomeTalk clipboard}. 🙂

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