Socks for Sandy: Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Socks for Sandy

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling I get when when my cold feet are warmed by a pair of fuzzy socks and I just feel worse when my hands and head are cold. Wearing gloves and a hat makes being cold more tolerable. It’s heart warming. That feeling of warmth and comfort is something I sometimes take for granted. For the victims of Hurricane Sandy, it’s a reality. I just want to wrap my arms around those suffering from this natural disaster to warm them up. There is a way to help warm those who’ve lost so much from this natural disaster:

socks for sandy Laura, blog friend and member of Hometalk who lives in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, was fortunate that her neighborhood was spared with only minor damages. But just a few minutes down the road, entire areas were wiped out and just across the bay, families also suffered extraordinary damage just as every barrier island and shore town up and down New Jersey’s once-beautiful coastline has.

Laura couldn’t stop thinking about something her sister-in-law (volunteering at the local hurricane shelter) told her: that people were walking around barefoot and just wanted a pair of socks. Even as donations started to pour in to the shelter, Laura couldn’t get the idea of warm socks out of her head. Her idea of Socks for Sandy was embraced enthusiastically with offers of help to make her idea reality.

So here we are. Our mission is a simple one. And has a super fast turn-around time too.

We want to provide socks to warm one’s feet, gloves to warm one’s hands, and winter hats to warm one’s head. All to warm one’s soul. Now.

You can help us gather up some warmth to share by collecting socks, gloves and winter hats, and sending them to:

Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

Please mail by Friday, November 9, since the need is urgent.

This can be a great project to involve your kids in, because it all comes down to giving a bit of warmth to someone in need.

Laura will receive all packages and immediately take these to the local hurricane shelter. Any excess will be given to the other hurricane shelters up and down New Jersey’s coastline.

What started as an idea has blossomed into warmth. And it is simple to get involved.

Another option:

Donating directly to the Red Cross is still the fastest way to get your money into the hands of those who need it the most.

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