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All Hallow’s Eve Nevermore Craft

Once upon a mid-day dreary, a Halloween “Nevermore” tree served as a lonely focal point in a spooky Victorian vignette but nevermore thanks to the rare and radiant craft maiden, Martha Stewart Crafts!

DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree

Now, there’s an eerie glow with the addition of candlelight.

painted glass

It felt more like Christmas than Halloween when a stash of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies arrived at my door…

martha stewart crafts

This is my kind of trick or treat goodies!

I chose to accessorize glass candle holders with an Edgar Allan Poe/Victorian Halloween vibe with black lace accents {love Halloween that’s not so “Halloween-y” and can be re-used all year round}

DIY nevermore black lace candle votives


  • glass candle holders, jars, vases (with a smooth surface)
  • squeegee
  • Martha Stewart adhesive silkscreens (lace doilies)
  • Martha Stewart metallic glass paint (black nickel)
  • Martha Stewart adhesive stencils (small holiday collection)

1. Prep: Cut apart adhesive silkscreens. Peel away the backing of your adhesive silkscreen. Clean glass with rubbing alcohol.2. Place adhesive silkscreen onto glass and smooth into place with a squeegee. They are re-position-able so if it looks crooked, just peel it away and replace. You may also want to tape the side to further secure into place but I didn’t find it necessary until after several washings.
>3. Apply a small amount of glass paint to the outer edge. Using the squeegee, pull the paint vertically, then horizontally, filling in the pattern. Up and down, left to right, down and up and right to left…the silkscreen dance. painting glass craft
4. Carefully peel away the adhesive silkscreen.painting glass
5. Immediately wash the adhesive silkscreen with water (I just ran mine under the faucet and used my fingers to help clean away the wet paint). washing adhesive silkscreenSet aside to dry (and replace on original backing to store).< 6. Let glass dry. Glass paint air cures in 21 days or you can speed up the curing process in the oven (follow instructions). I love the metallic shimmer of the Black Nickel glass paint...Martha Stewart lace doily silkscreen

So pretty and the perfect accent to complete a Victorian Halloween vignette, don’t you think? style=”text-align: center;”>The Raven "Nevermore" Halloween craft decor style=”text-align: center;”> style=”text-align: center;”>{DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree tutorial} style=”text-align: center;”> I also used the adhesive stencils (the crow) for a smaller glass votive holder… style=”text-align: center;”>crow candle votive

And now the Raven tree is accessorized all the more. The adhesive silkscreens and adhesive stencils are so fun … you’ll want to go crazy with them! I can’t wait to try it on fabric. Bri tested the adhesive stencils on painted/distressed wood scraps. So cute!

wood scrap fall letters

See more Martha Stewart Halloween craft ideas…


I received product and payment for my participation via The Blueprint Social for this post, however experience and opinions are 100% my own. 

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