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Drop Cloth Headboard Tutorial

Don’t you just love a good Pottery Barn inspired DIY project? I’m so inspired when I see something not in my budget recreated for a fraction of the price and it’s rewarding. Stretching a budget further with more to spend in other areas or just the ability to have the same look when it’s not otherwise possible. Meet: Susanne from

Tenth Avenue South blog

Can you believe that her headboard is a do-it-yourself version, upholstered using a drop cloth?

I’d swear it’s the exact same thing as this:
Susan’s father-in-law started the project by creating a design and template. This looks like the most difficult part.
 They used two pieces of plywood.
 Then Susanne and her mother-in-law took over.
 They traced the headboard on foam, then cut it, and applied it with spray adhesive.
 She laid out the drop cloth and two layers of batting. Then placed the headboard on top face down and stapled using the staple gun!
 They wrapped the corners like a package
 Ready for nailheads!
Susanne recommends placing the nailheads 1.5 to 2 inches apart.
Nail with a rubber head mallet.
Stand back and admire:
Beautiful! A nearly identical budget friendly alternative.
 Lovely close-up:
The drop cloth worked perfectly and was SO inexpensive! So many options to customize with different fabrics too (maybe a large table cloth or XL shower curtain even.)
Sort of makes you want to repurpose your old headboard and get upholstering, doesn’t it?  Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Susanne. It’s awesome!
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