A week behind the scenes at DIY Show Off…

A bit of a crazy week as usual around here. This isn’t a usual DIY Show Off post. I hope you don’t mind a little personal mid-week detour from a tutorial or before and after. I love reading when you share more than strictly DIY and since my projects are in progress and under construction, I’m sharing a little of what’s been going on this week in the DIY Show Off house.

1. As you know, I’ve been working in the family room. Here’s a sneak peek of where I am…aged turquoise goodness and beautiful rustic hardware:

teal French door

{details coming soon}

2. I’ve been moving furniture back into place now that floors are finished but veto-ing all of the mismatched things I don’t want to put back. I had to compromise and bring Luigi, the one carnival prize gold fish who’s thriving for years in his big mansion of a fish tank. Mr. DIY may be attached to his fish tank, but I did manage keep the fake compressed wood 25 year old microwave cart that held it from making a reappearance. No one is attached to that thing. Of course it may become a future repurpose so out to the barn with it.



3. Taxes. Tighter DIY budget. Sad face. Enough said.

4. Baby girl is back at home and has taken over the guest room, which by the way, no longer looks like this:

guest bedroom

or rather, it does look like that. You just can’t see it.

5. I’m attempting to write a post about blog etiquette for an awesome series over at A Simply Klassic Home. Any advice you’d like to share?

Beginner Blogger series

Kristin is also the creative genius behind my beautiful new header and buttons. If you’re looking for a fresh new look, check out her portfolio and packages at Simply Klassic Design. She’s so sweet, so talented and so fun to work with. 

I have this one to play around with too!

DIY Show Off header

+ the fun ones from Ashley at A1Websitepro.com. You know how much I love to change things around at home, that includes my blog home too. Maximus from A1WebsitePro.com is also where I go to for technical help and behind-the-scenes-over-my-head website issues. 

6. My family is going through a difficult time. It doesn’t involve me directly so I won’t share details but prayers without specific category are really appreciated. {HE knows.}


7. Our cat has been going on a crazy streak. Thankfully bamboo floors withstand claws of crazy cat darting from one room to the next and in circles throughout the house. It is hilarious to see her slide around. Don’t let this sweet face fool you…

ragdoll kitten


8. Have you noticed the ShowOff.com button on the side bar to give your home a free virtual makeover? It’s a home improvement visualizer. More coming on that exciting partnership soon, but feel free to take it for a test drive.

showoff home visualizer button

9. I updated my Facebook timeline. If you’re not a fan already, how ’bout it? 🙂

DIYShowOff Facebook button

10. My sister was in town from FL and it was so good to see her! {Yep, I colored my hair last week too and it was do-it-yourself hair color}

Roeshel and Patti

{Me with Patti}   

11. I just learned that we’re hosting Easter dinner for my family. Hurray! I love entertaining. I’m excited and planning the menu, egg hunt and decorating. You can see my Easter inspiration on my Spring and Tasty Treats PinBoards.

Pottery Barn Easter dinner

{Pottery Barn via Pinterest}

How is your week going?

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