tissue paper poof wreath

Tissue Paper Pouf Wreath Tutorial

I’m taking a small break from family room painting to do some crafty fun today. I love tissue paper poufs but hanging them doesn’t always fit with my decorating. This is a great alternative and perfect for spring.

tissue paper wreath


  • Foam wreath form
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue paper


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue (low temp)

How to:

1. Cover wreath form with tulle or ribbon (or paint) to help camouflage the base.

tulle foam wreath

2. Layer 3 pieces of tissue paper (I used aqua/white/aqua).

layered tissue paper

3. Fold tissue paper accordion-style (flip with each fold).

accordion tissue paper

4. Cut in half to create two thin pieces and snip the ends to create a point.

cut tissue paper

5. Tie a knot using ribbon in the center of each of the accordion pieces.

tie and knot ribbon around tissue paper

6. “Fluff” by carefully pulling apart tissue paper layers. (My wreath form took 7 poufs.) Pull apart in one direction (one side will be fluffly, the other flat).

pull apart tissue paper

7. Secure poufs to wreath form using hot glue.

hot glue flowers to wreath

8. Hang with ribbon or Command velcro strips.

tissue paper poof wreath

Have you crafted a spring wreath?

vintage farmhouse spring decor

Ready for spring?

tissue paper wreath

I’m linking up to the Spring Fling with Centsational Girl today…

spring fling linky party

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