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Pottery Barn inspired wooden ball chandelier

Meet: Jeanette from

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What can you do with 600 wooden balls, a tuna can, a vanity mirror and chandelier parts? Yes you’ve read those materials correctly! Unbelievable:

Jeanette made this Pottery Barn Wooden Ball Chandelier!

Pottery Barn Wooden Ball Chandelier

Jeanette’s version:


She started with a small thrift store find, a chandelier with electrical parts removed.


Next she took the metal off of a vanity mirror (also found in thrift store for a few dollars).


Jeanette cut a piece large enough to go around a tuna can.



Then attached the metal to the tuna can with small screws and drilled a hole into the center of the tuna can. She then added it to the top of the chandelier.  Chandeliers have a long rod through the middle and the various parts are stacked together by screwing down the top and bottom finial.


Next she took a metal part from an old lamp that looked sorta like this…HomaStyleDecoratingBlogVinatgeLampnote the metal band that holds the glass shade.  She added it to the chandelier bottom.  (She says you can also add more of the metal from the vanity mirror to hold it in place with wire around the “candle cups”.)


Two coats of rubbed bronze.


She used an extra long rod through the middle of the chandelier.

Next she removed a large washer from the bottom of the chandelier and wrapped 18 pieces of 26 gauge wire cut to approximately 22″ long to the middle (making a large spider) and measured from the bottom finial up to the tuna can and added 3″.


She added the ‘large spider’ back onto the chandelier and held it in place with bolts and the bottom finial.


Be careful the wire “bites!”


Now the fun begins…start adding almost 600, yes 600 wooden balls (Woodworks).  She used 1/2″, then 5/8″, then 3/4″ until she reached the large metal band and ran the wire through the band and continued adding balls going from larger to smaller until reaching the tuna can.  There Jeanette looped the wire through the metal on the can and cut off any excess.


She did this 17 more times.

Then hung it on an old birdcage holder and added candles.


Since Jeanette had everything but the wooden balls the total cost for this project was $40, the cost of the balls.  Hers uses candles and is a quarter of the size of Pottery Barn’s, but it’s awesome and budget friendly! Jeanette – so creative. I love your mini-candle version! Great job!

See more amazing DIY from Jeanette at Homa Style.

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