Rescued Thrift Store Chairs

Thrift Store Chair makeover, painting and re-upholstery. Meet:  Karin from

The Style Sisters

Karen found this chair in the thrift store and saw potential in those beautiful curves. What a great find!
 From dump to diva, thanks to Karin’s rescue.
Before was a yucky old antiqued yellow chair with 80’s striped fabric on it….
But look at the beauty in the lines…legs not upholstery. Not to worry, nothing a little DIY can’t fix.
 Cane backs all in perfect condition!
What was done?  Lightly sand and paint and then wipe off the paint in places so they look like they have an old patina to them. The cool thing about this is…because they were old the old oils came through and slightly yellowed the white paint to make them really look like they have a patina on them.
Next, sand a few spots here and there to make it look weathered.
No primer, no having to be so careful. The messier the better!
Karin found this gorgeous {beach/cottage inspired} fabric at Joann’s fabrics. Just take off the old and staple on the new! {more information on how to re-upholstering dining room chairs here}
Take a look now!  OoOohhh la la!
So pretty!
To tie in the Parson’s chairs she uses at the head of the table, she simply took left over fabric folded into thirds and tucked one end into the seam where the seat and back come together and brought the fabric up and over the top to hang down the back of the chair. Brilliant! Simple and easy to swap out! To add more detail, Karin added old gold sea shell napkin rings to cinch the flowing fabric along with some leftover cording.  No sewing involved!
The looks amazing in her gorgeous dining room, don’t they?
See the full details and more DIY at The Style Sisters.

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