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Hi DIY friends!  Meet:  MaryAnn from Interior Salvage – a clever DIY’er with a newer blog. I just recently “e-met” her myself and look forward to seeing more. Today she’s sharing her gorgeous Anthropologie inspired floor. As you know, I’m no stranger to painting floors but MaryAnn’s technique has WOW’d and inspired me. See this beautiful wide plank farmhouse-looking wood floor?


It’s paint!

I know! I know! Amazing!  This is just a quick summary, but MaryAnn will be sharing more details soon on her blog. Hurray!

She first primed and then painted a light golden color.

Next she got out her little artist brushes and painted all kinds of streaks and knots. A lot of work but so worth it…but Buddy helped.

In progress…

Next step involved mixing a glaze…(she promises more details coming soon).

(It’s okay, MaryAnn, sometimes I’m known to do an i-phone shot rather than interrupt for a camera search…better to see the step than skip it.)  She brushed on the glaze with a giant brush until she liked the depth of color and dragged the brush from the outside edges in to minimize the brush marks.

Here’s how it looks completed…beautiful, full of character and real-looking.

It IS old funky farmhouse charm! Tell me if you saw this in a magazine, you wouldn’t swear it’s old wood.

I love the color and worn look, don’t you? I can’t wait to see the rest of the transformation!

Go introduce yourself, say hello {don’t be shy} and check out more from MaryAnn at

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