Kitchen Cart before and after ~ The Home Project

Meet:  Linn from

Linn and her husband recently removated their kitchen (must visit her to see that awesome-ness!) But the old kitchen cart felt out of place so they stained the top, painted the base to match their painted cabinets and gave it some new hardware.

Before…poor kitchen cart felt old surrounded by a kitchen with a fresh new look…

A little DIY love…

and now it shines, proudly back in place…

Well here is the final result. Didn’t it turn out awesome?

Deserving a little showing off…

Looking into the kitchen…see how it matches the tables?

Here is the other round table. It’s going to be used as a desk, it’s just in this space temporarily…but when something ‘works’…there’s no such thing as too much. Beautiful!

See the full tutorial, details and more pictures at Painting & Staining the Wooden Kitchen Cart. And you don’t want to miss the gorgeous KITCHEN MAKEOVER while you’re there – beautiful transformation. 🙂


Thanks to Linn for sharing her (and Mr.’s) amazing hard work!


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