Small DIY – adding useful color to the kitchen.

This isn’t much to share today, but it’s a start to the new year.  Starting small and working my way up to bigger and something awesome. In the meantime, this works for me and maybe you haven’t thought to do the same and I’ll start a new trend and everyone will have mugs hanging around under cabinets. So here goes.  It doesn’t take much DIY to make this girl smile.  🙂 Santa brought me these turquoise Fiesta mugs for Christmas…

Ooohhh!  So pretty!  Our kitchen has a lot going on but not much color.  I think displaying these is a good idea. Easy convenient reach, pretty pop of color and not using valuable real estate in the already crowded cupboards…the cave where ugly mugs (you know you have a couple!!) go to live.
Upper cabinets before:  I do love the new granite, the marble backsplash and painted cabinets (which are actually a light grey)…but it could use something more. I’m not one for NOT decorating almost every nook, as you know.  Minor addiction. But look…it needs something happy, right?
Using Rockler’s Screw Lube on the screw part of each cup hook made for super easy screw-in. Who knew?  I mean – SUPER easy. Like good hold and smooth turning into the wood. Have you ever tried it?  Made me feel like I had big muscles – little effort!

I love the colorful accent to an otherwise neutral area, don’t you? Easy reach for tea time too.

See the full but small and EXCITING tutorial (that might be exaggerating a little, but there’s TONS more really fun stuff there to see too!) at the DIY Club.  🙂 DIY doesn’t always mean having to break a nail or destroy a room to make a small accomplishment feel rewarding. One small step to get the motivation going.  What have you completed this first week of the new year?  Baby steps or DIY super hero feats?  Come back to link to the DIY Project Parade tomorrow to ‘show off’.

While on the subject of First Project of the Year – have you seen what our friend, Amy, is up to? This IS exciting! Get ready!

I know once I finish a bigger DIY project this month, I’ll be joining the party. What an awesome dream come true prize!  Cool, huh?

Enjoy the weekend!
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