Felt Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Meet:  Dalys from

I love the wood rose wreath from Smith and Hawken:
How about a DIY version is much more durable and budget friendly!  Here’s Dalys:

First of all, the supplies you will need are:

1. about 2 1/2 yards of felt in the color of your choice
2. a wreath base (mine is approximately 15 inches)
3. a lot of push pins
4. scissors
5. a 3 inch circle pattern
6. ribbon or organza ribbon, to cover all the wreath around, in same color as felt.  I used 2 inches organza about 4 yards.
7. hot gun and glue just in case, I always turn on my glue gun when I start a project no matter what it is. I dont know why.

To begin wrap the wreath with the organza.  (Note: use push pins or hot glue gun if necessary.)

Then start cutting as many as you can of 3″ circles in your chosen color felt.  I cut aproximately 200+ circles no kidding, my fingers see a scissors and start to cry 🙁 

Keep going and going. It takes a LOT of circles.

 When you have cut all your circles, then you take one and fold it in half.

 Once again, fold it half.  It will look like a tiny triangle with a round corner like this…

And then with a colored push pin and beginning inside-out you start placing your mini felt triangles like this, all around the wreath:

Then the next like and the next line like this…

When you are done placing your mini felt triangles, fluff them to look like flowers.

Decorate your felt wreath with bows or Xmas ornaments bought from stores.  I added white felt flowers.

Felt Flower Tutorial:

I started cutting 6 circles of aprox. 2 1/2 inches (one extra for the bottom of the flower) and 5 circles of 4inches for each flower (the big one).  For the smaller flower I used one inch less for everything.

 After all the circles are cut, then I place one circle of 2 1/2 inches above the 4″ circles.

 and sewed them together like this:

After sewing all petals, you’ll have this:

Then you start making your flower by sewing the petals all together like this


The extra circle is for the  bottom of the flower. Secure with hot glue.

Accent with rhinestone or contrasting felt…

Also I used green felt for the leaves and there you have your flower and a NEW Felt Christmas Wreath.

I hope you have fun following this tutorial. If you have any question or doubt send me an email and I will be pleased to help you.

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Dalys! It’s beautiful!

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