DIY Holiday Highlights turned Blog Hop and Deck the Chandelier with Bows of Holly…uh other Christmas-y Thingies.

This is our dining room light fixture before just doing it’s job. 
But four years ago when we bought our home with this horror:
This quick fix was a big improvement: (and it’s not a bad light fixture, just not my style.)
We have plans to replace it someday when we have $$$ to spend on a light fixture our of dreams…whatever that may be. Maybe something like one of these…
I like lantern-type lighting but Mr. DIY, not so much. 🙁  We have one of these ($20 from Habitat Restore that I’m trying to convince him would look gorgeous (for the past year…)
But until then, I have to live with it and make it work. Here is how I disguised it for Christmas. You could switch it up depending on what you have on hand or with other thrifty baubles and treasures. 
Add a grapevine wreath to to the underside. Securing with ribbon to the ‘things’ (arms?) that hold the upside-down shade (I’m really struggling for words tonight as I type this…don’t laugh. I hope you know what I mean).
Look! A giant bird’s nest hanging from the ceiling!
with newly hatched baby light bulbs…
I use these candelabras to decorate the top and add candles. 
(found at an antique/junk store ~ I  love Cappy’s!)
Add ornaments, hang ornaments from ribbon, add reindeer or Santa or elves or angels or Christmas trees, wreaths, festive candle rings, candles in different sizes…get creative. 
Oh – In the fall, I add autumn leaves garland…
I know – there’s not much to think about, but I decided to post anyway in the event you have a light fixture that embarrasses you – I just wanted to show you…disguising it takes it from boring to wow!
DIY Show Off shout out to my daughter, Bri. Take a look at her beautiful tree!
“…and a peacock in a pine tree!!!!


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