Wingback Chair Before and After ~ Strange and Lovely Ride

Meet:  Aja, (beautiful name, pronounced “Asia”), a Midwest girl on a constant mission to make her house a home and blog author at 
It's a Strange and Lovely Ride
Aja recently and successfully performed wingback chair surgery.  Take a look: 
Sound the alarm, people, they’re done!
After much toil, tribulation… blood, sweat and tears, my Twinkie Wingbacks are finally finished and just waiting on you to come over and sit on them! They’ve actually been done for some time.. (story of my life, right?).. but I was hesitating on the nail head trim on the arms. Why, I don’t really know. I think I was nervous that they wouldn’t turn out right. But I love it! Perfect? No. But I challenge you to come to my house and find any project that I’ve taken on and call it perfect. 🙂 
A little Before & After action for you:

What do you think??

How did I do it?? HA! See above blood, sweat and tears rant! If you’re thinking of taking on a similar project, I HIGHLY recommend this great tutorial. And this one. I looked all around on Pinterest for ideas for these chairs. 
A few more action shots:

Beautiful!  I love a happy ending and perfect? It’s what I see! Great job, Aja!

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It's a Strange and Lovely Ride.
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