DIY at Our Old Country House

Meet:  Lesli from My Old Country House.  Lesli is an artist and does beautiful custom portraits (I love the pets and animals! Awe!). She’s also an actress, nurse, mom, CITY and COUNTRY girl and DIY’er. I love her blog…where she “finds extraordinary beauty in the most unlikely places, all under one leaky tin roof”. A 130 year old farmhouse = lots of DIY! I love her modern country style. 

Check this out:

“When we first moved into Our Old Country House, the sweet lady across the street had a bedroom set on her front lawn with a “for sale” sign. I asked her how much and when she found out it was for us, “the new neighbors with all cute the little kids”, she said“Oh, for you, Just $40”.
So we got a headboard, a bed side table and a dresser. DEAL!

Presently the bedside table still lives in my daughters room…

The headboard, has been upholstered by me and is in my Sons room

.…and the dresser has been sitting in the hall since Phoebe’s room make over, in May.
Lost and with No Where to go. Phoebe’s clothing just did not fit the drawers anymore.
It would be a perfect Nursery dresser. I debated Craig’s list. 

Then, I saw this inspiration dresser for a mere $13,000!!! Are people just crazy?
But then I kept looking at the lines and thinking “I really can make this work”
 and so last week…I did it.
Makeover Time!

Beautiful After:

WOW! Isnt’ that gorgeous? I love the new look – gray and cream and so pretty!
Want to see more from Lesli?  Visit My Old Country Home.  Here’s a few of my favorites that you’ll want to check out:
I LOVE her modern country style and home filled with character.
I seriously need a cow painting – can you tell they’re my favorite?
Read through to see an awesome kitchen update too!

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