Plate Wall Tutorial

I shared this over at the DIY Club but wanted to have it here in the archives too. I love using plates as wall art but I don’t like the hanger showing. It’s usually brassy. Just not my style, ya know? When I first discovered Dischangers, I knew I’d finally have my wall of plates. They’re affordable, super easy to use, strong and invisible! 

I am collecting plates in white and my decorating ADD has me rethinking I need some with color. Especially after Bri decided she wanted a plate wall in her dining area too and collected patterns and colors that work for her.
How to Hang Plates

1.  Choose appropriate size Dischanger for plate.

2.  Wet finger and rub the back side of the Dischanger to activate glue. Wait a few minutes.

3.  Press down on back side of plate (check to make sure design on front and Dischanger on back line up if plate has a design – so it’s not upside down or sideways).

4.  Let dry 24 hours. Ready to hang!

5.  Using the back of a large piece of wrapping paper cut to the size of the wall space. This makes planning and execution so easy with beautiful results (exactly as planned).

6.  Lay out plates in a pattern.

7.  Once plates are arranged, trace plates on the wrapping paper. Mark where the nail will need to go. (You may also want to number the plate on the back and match it with the traced circle on the paper so there’s no confusion on placement.)

8.  Tape paper onto the wall.  Add nails where indicated.

9. Take down paper and hang plates.

What do you think? Do you have a plate wall?  Include a link in the comments. Let’s see it!

Here’s another look at mine:
all white…

with blue…

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