Stripe Mania Moment

Just for fun on a lazy beautiful Saturday, the girls and I decided to dress in stripes and participate in “STRIPE MANIA – bloggers wearing stripes” hosted by Holly at Decor8 and her friend, Igor. You can get the details at this Decor8 post. Snap a picture of yourself wearing stripes, tweet the link to Decor8 and Igor and she’ll pin it to this pinterest board where you can see everyone participating.  

Silly way to spend an afternoon when you should be doing something productive instead but not passing up quality time with the girls is more fun.   It’s hard to tell but we’re all wearing pin-striped sun dresses. We tried! We tried reaching the magnolias too…way to high out of reach. 
(How strange that this looks SOOOO bright on our desk top.  Sorry – it looks more muted on the laptop…no idea why!)

and if your wondering what is so DIY related about it?  Well not much really. However we will be sharing an awesome DIY project tomorrow (hint:  vintage bling)! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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