BBQ/Baby Shower Invitations

It’s almost two years now that I hosted a BBQ baby shower for my sister for the impending arrival of this little guy…
 He’s usually very camera shy but the purple park is so much fun!
With summer nearly here, it’s that time of year for hosting a BBQ/Baby Shower.  Since the time that I played hostess, I’ve had requests for the BBQ invitation which I created because invitations were either too baby-shower girly for a co-ed event or they were too “grill-picnic”-looking.
I‘ve been doing some new designs upon request. I am no longer taking orders/offering this invitation. I’m a DIY’er but not a graphic designer so these are pretty but amateur however they’re perfect for simple/inexpensive invitation postcards.
(Original) Blue BBQ
Pink BBQ
Purple BBQ
And here were some highlights from the BaBy-Q:
Get the full details at my original BBQ/Baby Shower post.  The BBQ baby shower was so much fun – and nearly 100 showed.  I think the “beer” on the invitation convinced friends of the expecting couple that it wasn’t a typical ladies’ type shower.  The kids had a blast too.  It’s a fun family reunion type atmosphere.  We still played games (Water balloon between knees race – to see who’s water broke/didn’t, guys raced to see how could finish a tiny bit of beer from a baby bottle first. They were all “this is way too easy” until they started sucking.  Harder than it looks.)  

yle=”border-collapse: collapse; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; text-align: justify;”>I found clearance favor boxes and filled them with candy for the kids.

Tables had mason jars tied with ribbon and filled with flowers – those were the door prizes (drawn from addressed envelops for thank you cards filled out by guests).  Adult prizes were dollar scratch off lottery tickets. Kids prized were a few outdoor toys (big bouncy ball/bubbles/glow in the dark bracelets/etc.)
I put all of the pop/water in a baby wading pool with ice for easy grabbing/staying cold.
We had a fire pit – smores!  We also had badminton and bean bag toss/horse shoes set up.  My sister was a member of the Moose lodge so tables and chair rental was free (worth the $25 yearly membership right there!).
Can you tell it was the best party I ever hosted? lol  I was pretty excited. Everyone talked about it all year long.
If you’re planning a BBQ baby shower – everyone will have a blast!

Do you have baby shower ideas to share?  Please feel free to share the link in the comments!

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