Breaking from DIY

We took a day off…

for a date night that did not include Lowe’s or Home Depot. 


Weather was pleasant enough to walk around, hold hands, rest, talk, be silly…

We dined on steak, asparagus with hollindaise and dessert (creme brulee for me, warm apple crisp with vanilla for Mr.) and the best (very potent) cocktail called “thin mint”. 

We caught half of a Broadway show.

Fresh air is good for renewing energy. 

We love our reno-ventures but we temporarily forgot about the chaos in the kitchen, the torn up flooring, the next DIY project on the list, the messy house. Just for a day. But we’re rested and ready to jump right back into this, this weekend:
Sometimes it’s good to step away.
DIY resumes this weekend. 🙂

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