An Amazing DIY'er – the Dilletante Proprietor

Lisa from the Dilletante Proprietor is one amazing DIY diva. I am amazed by her projects!

I bought a house and half an acre for 600.00 dollars at a tax sale and have set out to remodel and redecorate it for little or no money…using repurposed, reused, recycled items. I believe in organic gardening, growing your own food and living the original American Dream contrary to America’s current value system that more more more is the key to happiness!”

Lisa’s house was built in 1919 and has a history of little work and big chaos but Lisa is patient. She knows what she wants and achieves it with a small budget.  

Her kitchen before was a nightmare to put it mildly. You can read the horrors and HARD work for yourself at My Free,  Repurposed, Reused Kitchen.

She kept true to the 1919 style but with modern conveniences. The result is an adorable old-fashioned kitchen full of original charm. I just LOVE this…

There are more kitchen changes in progress and I can’t wait to see the results!

She also re-upholsters!  (I swear I would have taken a year off from DIY after the blood, sweat, tears and pure joy at finishing the kitchen).  Take a look at this thrift store chair before (love the plank walls and original hardwood floor too)…

And the beautiful chair after… (chair transformation post):


Another thing you’ll love about Lisa?  She dug a candle-stick lamp out of the garbage and created this:

What a beautiful lamp rescue, Lisa!

Here’s a peak of
some other pretty vintage finds from The Dilletante Proprietor.  Head over, say hello. I promise you’ll love her stories. 🙂

One more favorite:  Cottage Art
This picture
Becomes this art

Lisa – I love the simple life you’ve settled into, growing your own food, decorating and home renovations on a nearly non-existent budget and creating a lovely comfortable home.  You are an inspiration and I love your DIY projects. I can’t wait to see more now that I’ve gone through nearly every post and had a sneak peek of the stairs and the plank-walled bedroom and iron bed!  🙂

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