PB Inspired Easter

I shared this tutorial originally over at The DIY Club but love to have it here on my site too.

I fell in love with a Pottery Barn vignette as I often do. This one was for Easter. PB one is pink but I wanted yellow.

Problem:  Silk flowers/branch, pitcher, 2 bunnies = $200 for seasonal decor! 
So pretty much not going to happen on my budget. 
However, out of reach decor inspires DIY projects. 
  • Creamy white vase (I had a pitcher. Scour thrift stores/etc.)
  • White ribbon
  • Straight pins
  • Deco Art Paint (Americana Gloss Enamels in white and added a bit of Deco Art Dazzling Metallics bronze and Americana Acrylic in eggshell)
  • White bunnies (I used two ceramic bunnies I already had in my Easter decor)
  • Paper Mache Eggs x 11 (approximately less than $10 with Michael’s coupon)
  • Faux Forsythia ($5 at Michaels).  If it’d every stop snowing, we have real Forsythia but no such luck just yet. 

My Total:  Less than $20 
Tutorial:  Arrange Forsythia or branch in vase.  Decide where eggs should be hung. 
Make a loop of ribbon and knot the end
Insert straight pin through side without knot.
Push pin with the ribbon into top of paper mache egg.
Hang on a branch in your arrangement. 
I used these three paints, mostly white mixing in a touch of the others.
Paint the paper mache eggs.  
I painted them while they were hanging so I didn’t have to paint then dry and turn and paint again. However, my fingers were covered in paint.  🙂
My existing Easter bunny stash dug out of storage…
Ali helped out and gave the bunnies a fresh new look using the same paint I mixed above to paint the eggs.
Let eggs dry about 30 minutes.  Use a pencil to draw the letters to spell 
“HAPPY EASTER” or “spring”.
I made a similar fuzzy/scribbled font as my PB inspiration using a Sharpie, tracing over the penciled letters.
All done…

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