Red Door Abode

Red Door Abode
Colleen from Red Door Abode is clever and creative when it comes to decorating her home on a budget. She’s so cute too.  Her husband recently discovered her collection of duvet covers.  Instead of donating the ones that haven’t been used, she chose her first ‘big girl’ duvet and used half to create a new shower curtain
The other half was used to reupholster/slipcover this chair
and transform it into this beauty (see how she makes it look easy)!
Her entryway wall redo is a beautiful change!
and yet again, a clever DIY and thrifty solution for entertaining, wine and extra storage.
before…a Craig’s List find (a dresser only a DIY’er could love)
a little DIY ingenuity
becomes an entertainment service center…
What do you guys think?  Love her, don’t ya?!  🙂
Thank you so much, Colleen, for sharing your DIY creativity! You (and your husband) rock! We look forward to seeing more! 

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