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I‘m so excited to learn that our Dremel interview was featured in the Dremel December 2010 eNewslettter!  Thanks for allowing me to ‘show off’.  🙂 

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 We are SO excited!  What about you?  Do you have and use a Dremel too?  Which one?!

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A Tale of Two DIYers and the Multi–tool They Can’t Live Without

DIY Multi-Max VideoDo you have an old doorway that’s looking drab or a boring step stool in need of a twist? Not a problem! Serial DIYers and Butler, Pa., residents Roeshel and Russ have proved that for every DIY project or conundrum, there’s a Dremel tool that can help.

From simple home improvements and repairs to giving thrifty finds and outdated furniture a charming makeover, the couple has stopped at nothing to turn their “old, fixer-upper farmhouse” into the home of their dreams. Roeshel estimates that they have completed at least 35 DIY projects in 2010 alone, using theirDremel Multi–Max™ for all of their sanding and cutting needs.

To share her journey and give confidence to other DIY enthusiasts along the way, Roeshel started a blog shortly after buying her home in 2007. Through her involvement with the DIY Club and its blogger community, Roeshel, otherwise known as The DIY Show Off, has featured 120 other bloggers’ DIY projects in addition to her own, and attracted more than 3,000 followers. In fact, Roeshel and her husband feature a total of about 200 outside DIY projects per week!

“We hope our projects inspire and encourage others,” Roeshel says. “Our blog has become a great place to share and find new, creative ideas, and to discover, ‘Hey, I can do that, too!’”

Their latest and most notable project to date, featured in the video above, involved replacing and remodeling an out-of-place doorway to match their house’s existing farmhouse character. Although Roeshel says they were initially apprehensive about how well the project would turn out, their Dremel Multi–Max played a large part in the project’s success.

“It made the job so easy and quick!” She says. “I feel like I have control over my project because of the small size of the tool, but the power and quality is just as amazing as the bigger tools that I’m afraid to work with.”

Other DIY projects where Roeshel and her husband used the Dremel Multi–Max for simple home fixes included transforming Roeshel’s closet, giving their old step stool a new look and designing a chalkboard wall in their kitchen. For more projects and DIY ideas, visit their blog at The DIY Show Off

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