Tennis Party Favor

t’s pretty hard to find favors for tennis so I made some using leftover Moo Mini Cards that I received to make my mosaic stool. for a tennis themed party.  It’s a tennis ball filled with candy.  Easy.  Cheap. Perfect.

I made these cute tennis party favors for the end-of-season tennis banquet for my daughter’s tennis team and finished them off with left over Moo Mini Cards. Here’s how I did it:

Materials: Tennis balls, candy, cardboard paper towel tube, favor bags, ribbon and Moo Mini Cards.

Tools: A circle to trace (a shot glass is a good size), pen, utility knife, scissors

1.  Trace a circle onto the surface of the tennis ball. I used a shot glass.

2.  Using an utility knife, cut out the circle traced. 

Did you ever wonder what the inside looked like?  It’s black rubber and a little dirty.  Wipe out the inside.

3.  Fill tennis ball with candy.

4.  Cut a ring off the end of a cardboard paper towel tube to use to keep the ball standing up.

5.  Finishing touches:  Place the stand and ball filled with candy inside of a cellophane favor bag, tie with a ribbon and add a Moo Mini Card tag…

These were a big hit with the girls’ tennis team!

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