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One of my most favorite things = old homes.  Not that I don’t love new homes!  Some days I’d trade old and drafty for new and energy efficient in a heart beat but being a DIY girl and owner of an old farmhouse, recycling and fixing up something already built is my passion.  So, imagine my excitement when I “met” blogger Shannon from The Nest on the Hill.  They are making their 1914 Victorian home theirs.  Since June, they’ve been DIY-crazy and doing a beautiful job.  Here are some before and afters!

Front porch, door and landscaping before


Hallway and Stairs Then
Hallway and Stairs Now
Living Room Then
Living Room Now
Dining Room Then
Dining Room Now
Master Bedroom Then
Master Bedroom Now
Upstairs Bathroom Then
Upstairs Bathroom Now

  • I love how fresh the front door area is with the new mailbox and how neat landscaping is now. It’s so welcoming!
  • Carpet on the stairs before 2, finished wooden stairs after 10!
  • Bare and no personality in the livingroom before.  Modern and comfortable after place to relax now!
  • Boring dining room to WOW! 
  • Master bedroom:  Plain Jane to Fun and Colorful! What a wonderful way to wake up everyday.
  • All white clean slate in the upstairs bath to oo-la-la spa.  Check out that tub now!
Shannon & Dan – you two are doing a super job!  Keep up the good work! I love seeing the progress and I think you have the perfect name for your blog.  The old Victorian is transforming into your Nest on the Hill!  A labor of love and the rewards are big! 


Stop back! I’ll be doing a CSN giveaway in honor of the DIY Show Off readers.  I appreciate you so much!  Your support when I started this blog about our DIY journey was so helpful.  Especially when we tend to look at what’s not done, you remind us to celebrate what we have done instead.  I love seeing your creativity and DIY projects.  You’re so talented!  You’re always so quick to offer comfort.  You worried right beside me about Niski when she was paralyzed and your prayers = miracle. She’s walking.  Your thoughts and prayers for peace for my dad and family through this sad time mean the world to us.  Since I can’t offer you an individual thank you gift, this giveaway is the best way I know to celebrate YOU.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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