Bri's Mid Century Modern furniture Transformation

This DIY’er is brilliant! OKAY, so I’m a little biased.  My love of DIY is genetic.  My daughter, Bri, inherited my passion for DIY and seeing the potential in old things. She picked up these dressers and nightstands at an estate sale.  Cheap!  She’s addicted to Craig’s List and loves thrifty treasures more than brand new and trendy.  She loves fun mid century modern style with a colorful twist.  Here is the furniture before:

After a lot of  sanding (I should mention here that her boyfriend Steve had a huge part in the muscles behind the project), some primer and paint, she used a Mitchell’s Abrasive Sanding Cord from Rockler to sand the grooves after painting (great for hard to reach places).  It’s like floss for wood. 

Before sanding:

Here are the afters:

After using the sanding cord:

She kept the original hardware because it was cool…
Don’t they look great?! (cue applause)  Isn’t it miraculous that the same furniture can go from “yikes!” to “wow!” with just paint?  Bri has always been creative and although her style is different from mine, she makes everything look amazing.  Wonder where she gets that talent?  wink wink Thanks honey for sharing your beautiful transformation.  I love the new color.  It’s looking beautiful with the shades of gray and other things you have planned for the room!  I look forward to seeing more!  So get busy Brianna Evangeline!  (She’ll listen since I used her full name using my strict mom tone asked nicely.) 

Please welcome Bri to DIY.  I know she reads my blog (and yours when I see something I know she’d love, amazing DIY talent or a story I have to share) and she’s inspired by your creativity.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from her in the near future because I know she scours Craig’s List every day.  I know she has more creative design ideas up her sleeve and truthfully, I just want to see her more.   

My other daughter (Ali) and I had a good pout laugh yesterday over a DIY project gone wrong and it developed into DIY comedy.  Hey, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  Can I get an ‘amen!’?  I can’t be the only one!  Some genius ideas are genius uh-ohs.  Cool idea and vision even pictures for tutorial but the execution, then re-execution and 3rd execution didn’t result in genius at all.  We’re considering sharing it but we’ll see.  Genius crap isn’t really ‘show-off’ material.  It’s more the DIY’ers most embarrassing moments.  But even Mr. DIY had a chuckle when he saw the materials in the trash last night.

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