A Multi-tasking, DIY'ing Super Grandma

As usual, I’m so impressed with your DIY projects.  Sometimes I wonder if YOU all should be writing my blog.  I received this note in my inbox.  It made me smile. It made my day.  Notes like this get me every time.  
I just love your blog and it inspires me. I have done several posts of things I have done and I would like to share. Please take a look at my blog and see if there is anything you like. Thanks, Janis
Of course I clicked the link and

HOLY COW!  DIY heaven!
So, what did I do?  I did what any curious DIY’er would do.  I took a gander at her blog , went through the whole she-bang (back to the beginning of ’09 anyway) and I’m showing off a few of my favorite projects for “Grams”.  Click the links for more details. Oh – and her writing will make you “lol”.  I loved reading about her family and adorable grandchildren.


Beautiful After:




Amazing After:


How fun is this swing?  Brings back childhood memories although the one I rode was just a plain ole’ tire.


And speaking of tires, check out these tire planters!  
She’s also SEW talented!  

And I love her red and white kitchen:
Spoon Bracelets!

2009-08-14 13.25.47

She makes these awesome gifts and more too!



Well?  What do you think?  Pretty amazing stuff, huh?
Thanks for sharing your creativity and stories, Janis!  🙂

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