Wainscoting and Picture Frame Molding

I love this DIY project at Impatiently Praying for Patience! Here is Katie’s post:


One more project is complete…Hallelujah! So lets go back and remember how boring the foyer looked before.
Then we started to put up wainscotting.
Then we got the wainscoting up.
Then we got it painted.
Then last but certainly not least Mr. Genius finished the wainscoting for the rest of the foyer!!!!
Sorry about the bad photos…it started raining when I finally had a minute to take the pictures. Not that I am a photographer or anything but I do know that natural light makes it look so much better.
We…meaning Mr. Genius…put some more boards up the staircase. I like it even better.
I am really happy with how it looks!

I Love it Katie! Once I learn how to use the miter saw – I’m considering it!
Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

Do you think it’d look good here in my living room? Here is a picture of mine:


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