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I received so many positive comments about my painted floor but when painting a floor isn’t an option, Chantel from Haas Home has come up with a very inspiring idea. Here is her blog post:

old, but new…zebra rug

I was reminded of this DIY zebra rug project that I had done a couple years ago and thought I’d write some DIY steps, in case any of you would like to try it.

I got this old rug for free, it was a boring cream color and since I had always wanted a zebra rug, I decided THIS was the day to make it!

Tools needed:
old rug
pattern, in this case a generic zebra pattern to reference
masking tape
black spray paint
watered down black acrylic paint
watered down cream acrylic paint
PS I painted this outside, since I am prone to make messes 🙂

DIY Steps:
1. Measure 4 inches in from the edge of the rug on all sides, use masking tape and tape a straight line.
2. spray paint a black border, make sure to cover the inside of the rug, so that you don’t spray paint where your zebra stripes are suppose to be. Let dry for an hour, till dry.

(see below)

Now comes the fun, but tricky part.
I simply eyeballed this part from my generic zebra pattern that I used as a reference, remember that in the wild all zebras have unique and different patterns, so don’t worry about being perfect.

3. Use your watered down black acrylic paint, mark where the middle of the rug is and start painting stripes! I would do a stripe at a time, first the right and then the left. Let dry for an hour or so.

4. After your black stripes are done and dry, I went back and highlighted some areas with a light cream colored acrylic paint.

5. Let dry and remove masking tape!

(see below)

Chantel! It’s stunning! You did an amazing job, making it look so easy. I love it! Thanks for the helpful tips too!

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