The Sweetest Nursery

Meredith from La Buena Vida has created the CUTEST little nursery for her little precious baby girl. At the time she designed it, she wasn’t 100% on if she was having a girl or boy. Click here for full details but here is the before:
Here’s a picture of what the room basically looked like before…it was a storage room for all our junk, and had the builder’s white walls and tan carpet:







Justify FullIsn’t it sweet? The wall color is so pretty with the white furniture and pink accents. I love the tree mural and her DIY wall art is awesome! It’s such a happy and cheerful room. I love it! I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the rest of her home (berrysweet) and not only does she take great pictures, she has a natural talent for decorating and a beautiful home. Thanks for allowing me to share a peek with everyone, Meredith!

I‘m a little late …forgive me for not sharing this sooner!
(Don’t you hate head colds?! Not quite all together with it this week.)

My good friend Christy at Embellished Bayou is having awesome celebration! Don’t miss it!


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