DIY Show & Tell – HOLIDAY FOOD Edition

I‘ve never had a food related post, but it’s about time, right? Especially with all of the holiday goodies I’ve seen floating around. Do you have a recipe for something special to eat this time of year? Do tell! I’m hosting Christmas for my family this year and I need some inspiration!

Brittany from Superwoman made these cute and yummy deserts:

Ice Cream Ornaments
This one’s perfect if you have kiddos.
-Ice cream (I used vanilla)
-Twizzlers Pull N Peel
-Mini Resses peanut butter cups
-Wax paper
-Cookie sheet
1. Lay out a sheet of wax paper on your cookie sheet.
2. Scoop some ice cream into a ball and place on your cookie sheet (try to make it as round as possible!)
3. Stick it in the freezer while you are getting the other parts ready.
4. Start making the tops. Unwrap a peanut butter cup and turn it upside down.
5. Make two holes on the top with a skewer.
6. Break off a piece of Twizzler and shove each end into the holes.
7. Pop those into the freezer also, to harden.
8. Once you have waited about 30 minutes, get the sprinkles set for your kids (or yourself!). Bring out the cookie sheet.
9. Let them go nuts!

10. Refreeze if you are using them for a party, or let everyone dig in right away! This is what ours looked like in the end:
Festive, right?

And check out these adorable little guys from Tiffany at La*T*Da!

I buy my Moon Pies from the Cracker Barrel. If you don’t have a Cracker Barrel in your town, just drive a little further. You’re bound to come across one in just a few miles. 🙂

You’ll also need some Nilla Wafers that you will “glue” to the MoonPie with regular white icing (Betty Crocker, in the tub container).

I used these Atomic Fire Bombs from Cracker Barrel for Rudolph’s nose. But you could also use a red gumball or even an M & M (although I think that the b
igger nose it what makes it so cute).

Once you’ve assembled the face with the Nilla wafers, red nose, and M & Ms for eyes, you can serve it “as is”, or you can put it on a lollipop stick. I think they’re a little cuter on a stick.

For the “antlers”, I used Kroger brand pretzel twist. I simply broke off the top portion so that they were no longer connected. They don’t have to be perfect and the pair of antlers don’t even have to match. It’s kind of hard to break them off with your fingers, so if you are doing these for your own family, just bite them off! It’s much easier!

I then wrapped them in cellophane and added a bow.

Helpful hint: Let the icing dry completely before attempting to wrap the MoonPie in cellophane. The nose tends to come off if the icing isn’t completely dry.


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