Design Gal, her Handyman and a Furniture Transformation

Another brilliant furniture makeover! This one is from Shannon at Design Gal and Her Handyman. Isn’t it a cute blog name? What about that beautiful header? Well – you’re going to want to take a look around. Check out the Before & Afters and Interior Design & Thrifting Tips.

Here is one of her furniture makeover posts. I love the transformation and she makes me laugh too. 🙂


This little dresser used to be white, white little flowers painted on the front of the drawers. It began as a piece of furniture from my childhood bedroom set. When I was 18, I decided I was so over the white, flowery motif, so I painted the set black. Being the furniture re-do rookie that I was at the time, I didn’t sand or prime, I just painted. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, and when I began painting the glossy, laminate top, I realized the paint wasn’t sticking, so I wiped it off and left it glossy white. And it’s stayed that way for years, usually with a table runner covering the not so lovely laminate.

When we moved into our new home, I wasn’t sure where to put the dresser. It just didn’t seem to fit anywhere I wanted it. The depth was what really bothered me, as it jutted out in spaces I thought it would look cute. So, to solve the problem, I did what any handy gal would do.

I cut it in half.

My tool of choice was a circular saw, naturally. If you’ve never used one before, it’s time to get your tool on (...i know, but don’t say it…this is a PG rated blog folks), because they’re awesome! After taking out the drawers, I just measured the depth I wanted to saw off and went from there.

After it was sawed in half, I took the wood that was in the back of the dresser and reattached it to the slimmed down dresser, so I could make some shelves.

We used 1/4″ mdf for the shelves and cut them with a jigsaw. I also attached some molding to the front to hide the plain wood slats.

Finally after a fresh, new coat of paint (yes, I sanded the heck out of the laminate top & used a no sand primer to help it stick), and some new baskets from Ikea, the new dresser looks fabulous!

Can you believe it?! I’m afraid of power tools but this makeover is therapy! What a beautiful inspiring transformation. Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon! It’s amazing. That shelf was that dresser? Magic!

Please help makeover my master bathroom!


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