Update – More Jute & Burlap DIY Collection

If you have a project – email me and I’ll include your photo/link in this post full of inspiration!
Something about jute, hemp and burlap appeals to me.
You love it too, don’t you?

love these burlap numbered placemats made by Courtney from
Project Pretty
AND she did an easy to follow tutorial! She’d love for you to stop by and say “hi”. Tell her congratulations too! She just moved back home to Maine and is sharing beautiful countryside autumn photos. Here is her post:

All you need is burlap, a sharpie marker, some printed numbers, and an X-acto knife. I just so happened to have all those materials laying around my house from previous projects, so it didn’t cost me a cent!

Step 1: Print out desired numbers in a stencil font (if your ink is low, it’ll look like mine):

Step 2: Cut out the numbers with an X-acto knife. I placed a piece of cardboard behind the paper so I wouldn’t scratch up anything else.. that happens enough around here! 🙂

Step 3: Use a placemat you already have as a guide to cut out pieces of burlap for your new mats. Tip: cut along the threads of the burlap for an even, straight, & less-fraying placemat.

Step 4: Lay the paper stencil on top of the burlap and trace the outline with a Sharpie. Then, remove the stencil and fill in the middle with the marker. {You can also just leave the outlines.. I was tempted, but decided to go with the full-coverage option 😉 }

When you’re finished, it should look like this:

To secure the edges, sew a small line about 1/4″ from the edge with a similar, tan-colored thread. Then, lay them on your table and do your happy dance!

Such a cheap & chic fix for a boring tabletop. I couldn’t help thinking that this would be a genius idea for a big family like the Dugars- each kid would have a number! We have friends with 13 kids, and when they need to make sure everyone’s there, they count off by birth order. Numbered placemats just seem perfect, eh? 🙂

Or, of course.. it could just be the two of you (like us) & you’ll love it just as much!

Thanks Courtney!

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I‘ve been out on a DIY Hunt and want to give a shout out to these awesome DIY-ers too! Click the link for more on details on each project and to visit the creative genius behind the photo.

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A close-up:

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Shanty 2 Chic

Brenda came up with this creative idea:

A Burlap Stamping Stenciling Tutorial from
Sanctuary Art


I know I’ve seen more fantastic projects using burlap and jute …but I apologize for running on a tight schedule today. I need your help! If you have a DIY burlap, jute or hemp project or you’ve seen one, email me the link and I’ll add your photos to this post! I’m inspired. I’m getting burlap today. I‘d love to see your ideas! I WILL UPDATE THIS POST ALL WEEKEND. 🙂

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