Every Dog Has It's Day (bed) & a Pet Parade!

This is just so cute!
I’m showing off this little pet bed for
Gail at My Repurposed Life.

Here is her post:

My friend Cathy and I repurposed a twin bed to make this dog bed. We call it a day bed because we assume that most of you cuddle up with your canine friends at night. There were two pieces to this bed. We left one piece whole, and the other piece we cut in half, and used those two pieces as the sides. We only had to add a board across the front.

With the seat removed, you can see how we constructed this day bed. We use wood glue and drywall screws for a good secure fit.

Cathy made a pillow case to cover our pillow, so that it could be removed easily for washing. The pound puppy is just a prop. Cathy’s son and daughter in law have this in their living room, in front of their picture window so their very old “Midnight” can look out the window.

We have made many benches, each one is different. The construction always depends on the type of bed used. This would be a good project for a beginner.

Thanks for sharing Gail! I love your blog full of before & after repurposed ideas!


The DIY Show Off Pet Parade

Some might argue that this isn’t DIY-related, but who takes care of your furbabies? I bet you DO-IT-YOURSELF, right?
Please feel free to use the button above.

Join Me!

Email your pet’s name, 1 picture of each pet & your blog url if you have one to THEDIYSHOWOFF@GMAIL.COM and I’ll add it to this post below.

Niski, The DIY Show Off doxie (Dapple Power!)
Sneaks from The DIY Show Off
Zippy from One Little House
Gidget from Embellished Bayou
Taz & Freedom from Junk Blossoms
Dizzle from World of Dennifer
Charlie from Sunshine and Wine
Riley from Mrs. Camera Happy
Fenway from Jorden & Kristin
Munson, All Because Two People Fell in Love
BB, All Because Two People Fell in Love
Opal (RIP) & Boots
Sevin from The Mistress of Oxford
Lola from Sheila’s Wonderful Life
Gibson, My Happy House
Buddy & Shamus, Paddywack DesignsMurray, Nom Nom Nom
Mittens, It’s a Cawfee Stained Life
Molly Mae, It’s a Cawfee Stained Life
Dobber, It’s a Cawfee Stained Life
Lily, The Salmons
Macintosh & Chip, Decorating Obsessed
Pepsi, The Pondering Pony
Rocky from Rocky Bella
Sadie, Rocky Bella
Azul, Workman Witticism’s

Sophie & Peaches, The Borrowed Abode

Check back – I’ll continue to add photos as they come in! 🙂

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