Shanty 2 Chic Shutter Headboard

I love this project by Whitney at Shanty2Chic. It’s just 1 of her many awesome DIY projects. Make sure you stop by to check out tons of inspiration. Here is one of my favorites:

Hey girls! So I have been “gettin’ her done” today! I spent most of yesterday playing musical chairs with my kids beds. The result… I was finally ready to tackle this project today. My kids rooms have been at the very, very back of my mind since we moved in a few months ago. I have learned that if I don’t wait until I WANT to do something that it usually ends up looking half done so I have been patiently waiting to get the itch to start theirs. I’m sure it was the blog and the endless amount of projects I could post that finally did it:) I love these shanty shutters that Ashley found up for me about a month ago. I had 2 sets in the corner of my dining room on the floor and two sets that belonged to my mom out in the garage. I just left them laying around until I WANTED to do something with them… See how that works? When I moved the queen bed from my son’s room to my daughter’s room I was in need of a new headboard. As I was walking through the garage one day and staring at them I finally found their purpose… Here’s how I did it… ~I removed all of the old hardware from the shutters and laid them face down on the ground, side-by-side ~I used a couple of 1×2’s and a 1×4 to brace all of the shutters together. I put a small line of gorilla glue under each piece and then used wood screws and my drill to secure them. ~I flipped the whole piece over and laid it face up. We had some spare crown in our garage so I cut a piece of that, angled at each end and attached it to the top of the shutters using gorilla glue, 2 wood screws and some finishing nails. ~I spray painted the cute scroll pink and let it dry while painting the headboard. I used Olympic Satin in Aloe Vera… love this color! ~After letting it dry I attached the scroll with gorilla glue and a few finishing nails. I then used my block sander on the entire thing. I scraped just about every edge. ~You can guess my next step… Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze… Painted it on and wiped most of it off to give it a perfect aged look ~Final step… I used D-ring hangers on the back of the headboard and anchors and screws on the wall. I want to give props to Cobra Triple Grip anchors… I can’t tell you how many anchors I have used in the past that were cheap and flimsy and left a big mess on my wall… Not these! They are superb! So… You want to see it in her room??? Me too!! Here it is!!

Isn’t it beautiful? I am in love – I want a shutter headboard. It’s just so perfectly shabby-chic.
Whitney – thank you so much for showing it off! I’m so inspired by so many of your gorgeous projects! Thanks for sharing!

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I dug out my outdoor barn patio to participate!

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