Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

Iron On Vinyl Applique Tutorial

Hello DIY friends! We’ve been working on creating a recycled brick patio and path under the grape arbor/gazebo and I’ve been doing some crafty things before we initiate project Laundry Room Makeover. 

Happy Crafters sells patterned iron-on vinyl. Isn’t that so cool?! Patterned! Houndstooth and polka dots…I see more personalized gift ideas in my future. 

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

When I saw the pink camo iron-on vinyl at Happy Crafters, I knew I had to have it even before I knew what I’d do with it. You’re either a camo person or not. It’s not my style but several of my sister’s items of clothing have a camo design. And since she’s currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, “pink camo” seemed perfect for creating her a special little gift. Her days are filled with not feeling so well, so comfort is key and I decided on personalizing/monogramming a t-shirt.

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at


Tools I used: 

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Iron


1. I started by creating and sizing my design using my Silhouette Design Studio software. I had purchased a fancy letter “B” for another project which worked well…all scroll-y. Perfect and reminiscent of cancer ribbons. I also spelled out “princess” for a little extra embellishment. REMEMBER TO MIRROR YOUR DESIGN (right click, “flip horizontally”)! 

mirror image vinyl design

2. Load the vinyl patterned side down into the machine. 

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

3. Settings for cutting the iron on vinyl are blade 2, speed 8, thickness 5. Then I simply sent the design to ‘cut’. 

4. Once the cutting was done, I weeded (removed) the excess vinyl that’s not a part of the design. 

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

5. Place design onto t-shirt. 

6. Cover design with a cotton dishcloth. I used a scrap piece of cotton fabric. Iron on high, pressing down 25-30 seconds on each part of the design (no steam).

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

7. Remove the transparency. (If the design lifts too, then place the transparency back into place and iron again.)

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

That’s it! Easy! I repeated the same steps to adhere “princess” near the neckline on the back of the t-shirt…since she doesn’t have hair covering that area right now. Here’s my sister rocking super model bald and wearing her new t-shirt…she’s such a good sport since this was right after her chemotherapy. 

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

I really loved working with this vinyl. It has sort of a “rubbery” texture. Great for making personalized gifts. Check out the other patterns too!

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. 


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