Silhouette SD Winner & a surprise!

Wow!  Thank you all so much for entering and a special thanks to those of you who shared the giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.  I know how it feels to want this machine so badly you can taste it, so badly you enter every single giveaway following all of the rules, to dream about the projects you’d be able to do every day.  I want each of you to have one but Silhouette said “one”.   🙁

And so…

The winner of the Silhouette Giveaway is…#422

Sweeter Hours said… 422

Wow. This is very exciting! Thank you for offering such a great give away!
Well, I have been wanting make a growth chart for a while, also I have been wanting to make a pantry with labels. I make a lot of teeshirts by hand painting with freezer paper and this would make my life easier!

CONGRATULATIONS!  Hurray to Holly!  Hugs for everyone else!

Holly wins: A Silhouette SD, 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of frosted vinyl, 1 roll of transfer paper, and a Home Décor CD of images (retail $375+).

If you haven’t won with all of the giveaways going on or if you’re looking for a deal and ready to buy one – Silhouette is offering DIY Show Off readers a special discount on that same Silhouette and premium vinyl bundle with a unique code “SHOWOFF” usable at  That promo code will get you the Silhouette bundle for $225 ($375+ retail) and/or 25% off premium vinyl if you’re looking to show off.  SHOWOFF code is active through March 1st.  $150 OFF!
Thank you!

A little surprise…
I can only give one Silhouette away but I appreciate ALL of the entries, my friends and readers.  I can certainly make a few vinyl cut-outs to giveaway to a few of my friends! It’s not a Silhouette but it’s the best I can do.  🙂 Comment on this post what your Silhouette dream project is. I’ll choose 3 of the comments (projects I know I can handle using my limited supply).  Comments from today only (2/28 until midnight EST and US residents only).  I’ll choose the lucky 3 tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support!  
I’ll choose a few winners as soon as I get a chance this week (keep commenting until Friday 3/4).

DIY Project Parade – Frosted Vinyl Windows

It’s that time of the week. Time to recap and show off your DIY projects! I love seeing your DIY talent!  
 The DIY Show Off
We’ve been working in the kitchen – getting an electrical outlet underneath the sink for a new instant hot water tank and the old blue laminate countertops are GONE!  
Before: Good bye blue laminate!

Looking better already.  In Progress:  Old counter, sink and faucets gone!  Running electric to install an outlet under the sink for instant hot water tank.

In the meantime, I started “frosting” the glass panels on the French doors between our living room and family room.  The family room is on our DIY to-do list and isn’t finished.  It’s where teenagers hang out and a ‘catch all’ for just about everything so being able to see in there isn’t ideal.  

And since the family room isn’t completed, the family room side of the French door still has plastic on the window panels – until I either stain or paint the door (rather than taping when the time comes).  That’s why the windows look foggy.  Until the family room is done – it also helps to disguise the plastic on the window panels!  Love this! That foggy/dirty look always bothers me!

Using my Silhouette, I cut vinyl panels.
  • First I measured the glass panels in our French doors.
  • Next, I enlarged my paper from 8.5 x 11 to 8.5 x 14.
  • Draw a “rectangle” and size it to the glass door panel (subtract just a tad so it fits on the glass panel). My rectangle was 6 x 12.
  • Insert the image.  I used “mesh flower lace” from the Silhouette Online Store.
  • Drag and re-size the image to fit within the rectangle. The rectangle gives a border so that the actual mesh flower lace design is what is removed/negative. 
Remove the vinyl that won’t be applied.

Use the transfer paper so that the frosted vinyl can be applied to the glass panel. 

Pull apart (vinyl should be on sticky side of transfer paper and waxy grid side is garbage).

Place to glass panel and rub with a credit card.

Peel away the transfer paper.

I’ve been using my frosted vinyl for a number of projects lately so I was only able to finish three panels before running out and I’m waiting on my frosted vinyl order.

I love the way it lets the light into our living room but adds a little privacy between the living room and family room.

Here is the way it looks from the other side (the unfinished family room side).

This week I discovered that Jen at Tatertots and Jello had the same idea.  Pop over to check out her cute design. 
I’ve been having fun with the Silhouette but granite countertops come Tues. – so I’m hoping to have some more kitchen progress to share including more information on the awesome faucets and pretty back splash!

Do you have a DIY project to show off this week?  I’d LOVE to see it!  Or please visit the links to get inspired!

The DIY Show Off

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Silhouette is offering DIY Show Off readers a special discount on that same Silhouette and premium vinyl bundle with a unique code SHOWOFF usable at  That promo code will get you the Silhouette bundle for $225 ($375+ retail) and/or 25% off premium vinyl if you’re looking to show off.  SHOWOFF code is active from the 23rd through March 1st (if you don’t win – you still get a great deal!).

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve lived with our outdated kitchen for 3 years since we purchased our home and the time has come for some updating. First thing on our list was painting our cabinets. This is how we did it and we love the new updated look. We’re still deciding if we’ll distress or glaze to fit the style for this farmhouse but here is how we got this far.

Notes before you begin: This is a very time consuming DIY project.  It took us a two month time frame of working weekends, an occasional evening and free time.

Paint – We used Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Paint (it’s like an enamel coating – love it).
Paint brush – We use Purdy paintbrushes.
Sand paper – We used our Dremel Mult-Max

These were our cabinets when we moved in…orange-tone red oak with brass handles.

1. Remove hardware and doors. Our hinges are hidden so they were left in place and I painted around them.  Note:  cracks where cabinets meet each other or meet wall are hidden and unseen when cabinets are darker.  When going with white, take the time to fill and sand the cracks with a sandable/paintable/flexible caulk.

2. Label each door with tape (keep this with the door at all times).

3. Put hardware, hinges and screws into individual baggies and keep close to each area. We taped them inside cabinets and drawers.

4. We sanded the cabinet bases and each door. The Dremel Multi-Max is perfect for reaching grooves and hard to reach places.

5. Clean doors removing dirt and sawdust. We also stuffed newspaper into the big hinge holes to prevent paint from pooling/dripping inside.

6. Prepare your paint area. We had two areas prepped. One for spraying and one for brushing paint techniques. You’ll want to tape around the cabinet bases where they meet the walls, floor and ceiling.  Note for removing tape after – run an Xacto blade where the tape meets the cabinet before removing tape so you don’t pull paint off of the cabinets.  Also – I lay out newspaper to throw wet removed tape onto, it makes throwing it away a lot less sticky and messy.

7. We used a paint sprayer for applying the primer. It did an amazing job for coverage. Practice first to get the technique down as well as getting the air out of the line. We had to water down the primer. Surprisingly, we used much less than anticipated. Cleaning the sprayer is super easy – just run water through the line and nozzle until clear. For the spraying, we did two coats of primer on half of the doors. Let dry. Flip and repeat. Then moved those doors to another area and set them on paint cans to keep them raised and sprayed the other half twice and flipped and did two coats of primer on the other side. *Wear safety gear including a respirator and safety glasses.

If using a paint sprayer – practice before doing this project.  It’s very tricky to get the correct consistency (thinning the paint) and learning how to achieve an even coat.  We had to re-sand and start over. Unless you’re familiar with a paint sprayer, I’d suggest using a brush.  

8. For the actual paint, I tried both a foam roller and Purdy paint brush for the first coat. I preferred using the brush.  I liked the way it reached all areas thoroughly and since we wanted to see the wood grain, I was able to apply the paint with the direction of the grain.

Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo is thi
ck.  It dries to an enamel-like finish.  Spills wipe off with a dry towel easily!  It’s also self-leveling and a great choice (worth the extra $) for it’s durability.

Tip:  Using a screwdriver and hammer, poke small holes around the lip of the can.  It’ll act as a drain for paint that collects there and make life much easier when the lid goes back on easily and isn’t “glued” with paint when it dries.

9. We allowed at least a few days between each coat of paint.

10. Once dry, reattach doors and hardware. You’ll be happy that doors were marked and hardware is located at each cupboard/drawer after the length of time that has passed.So much fresher. We’re both pleasantly surprised with how much of a difference it makes in giving our kitchen a more classic look.

New color is actually not white but gray. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine. (I’m not sure why that day says is was mixed 9 years ago!) We purchase our paint at our local True Value store. 

I’m happy to answer any questions about our experience.  Just email me at


Beachy Bedroom Retreat at Emerald Cove

Emerald Cove

With snow, cold and just plain blah end-of-winter, Michelle’s beachy bedroom makeover is a breath of fresh air, a special space to dream about vacation and warm breezes.  

Before was beautiful with sand inspired walls, board and batten and cottage comfort.

After – Michelle changes to pretty “Shoreline Mist” blue and fresh clean whites with an airy atmosphere.  So inspiring!

I love her driftwood accents – especially the driftwood garland.

Beautiful r
uffled gray bedding.  ((scribbling on my wishlist))

See that beautiful mantel?

Michelle is a DIY diva – check out her faux mantel how-to.
Vintage-inspired beauty. 

So, what do you think?  Inspires beachy daydreams, doesn’t it?  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things you’ll see…

Screen door locker!

Kitchen Makeover

Get inspired, visit Michelle at 


Thanks for sharing your beautiful beachy bedroom Michelle!  I hope you don’t mind a few visitors – at least we’re only online visiting so no need to clean up and the cats don’t have to share. 😉  

Personalized DIY Chalkboard

My nephew’s birthday is coming up soon.  Being a mom to two girls, I’m a little clueless when it comes to boys.  However, we’ve had a piece of chipboard from furniture packaging just sitting around waiting for a DIY idea.  I decided to make my nephew a personalized chalkboard for his birthday.
Recycled chipboard (Could also be directly applied to smooth walls with taping off a blackboard shape.)
Decor Art Americana Chalkboard Paint
Gorilla Glue tape – Handy 1″ Roll
Vinyl decals
Chalk and eraser
I found that using an Xacto knife to remove intricate parts of the vinyl design is more helpful than using a fingernail. 
I purchased the bike and LD Survivor font from the Silhouette online store.

See the full tutorial at the DIY Club!


THIS JUST IN – Miranda from Just Drink Coke is hosting a new linky party called 
“The Reality Collection”!  With the popularity of reality tv, she is hosting a party about real life – your beautiful mess.  Like she says, it happens to the best of us. It happens to all of us.  So share your beautiful mess – you don’t have to spend a lot of time making it like you do with DIY, it’s probably already made.  She’s right. 

My pictures above are close ups but below is me zooming out. I displayed the chalkboard on the dining room wall for photo purposes. I am more of an “organized messer”. This my beautiful mess. The others are ugly messes not meant for blog friends’ eyes! Trust me. You’d be scared.  

Do you do this too – zoom the unwanted things out of your ‘after’ shots? 

Share your reality at 

Just Drink a Coke.


TGIF ~ Giveaway Alert x 3

It’s Friday!  

That means the TGIF giveaway at the DIY Club! THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.

Prizes this weekend …

6 clay tags of your choice!

Natural Gourmet 3 Layer Bird Seed Cake
Natural Gourmet Three Layer Bird Seed Cake

from our sweet & talented blog friend,  Jami, at 
Giveaway at
DIY Club

2 ways to enter!  


I recently had the pleasure of discovering a beautiful and inspirational new blog. 

You’ll want to enter this giveaway too (or not – because I’d love to win!)
Lilies and Dandelions

Giveaway package will include
1~ 10″ x 12 1/2″ bag filled with 3/4 pound of dried organic lavender, which can be used to refill your sachets
6~ 3″x 4″ lavender dryer sachets

1 bundle of dried organic lavender

Total weight of lavender in the package is 1 pound.

In addition, a little something special from Restoration Hardware.


DIY at the Mango Archives

The Mango Archives
The Mango Archives is a blog maintained by Mrs. Mango where she documents her DIY weekend warrior projects in their first home.   She’s so talented and says things like blogerony and booboos (cute!) and has named her home the Mango House.  I’ve been spending the evening going through her archives to share a few of her DIY projects with you.
This room + building a wall, adding plumbing and electrical…
makes for a beautiful laundry room reveal…

The paint is (290B-6) Squash by Behr.

The Ikea Kristaller chandelier was $40.00.

Allover peony pattern stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils.

A Home Office Makeover in the works(I can’t wait to see more! You’ll want to follow along too!)…


Thanks so much Mrs. Mango for sharing your hard work and creativity!


Flea Market Style

The DIY Show Off was listed as a “Favorite” under the Best Before-and-After Category in the Spring 2011 issue of Flea Market Style!  I’m so honored (and excited)! Complete sweetest surprise! There are so many blog friends featured along with some beautiful flea market style inspiration and introductions to some new friends – you’ll love it!  

Click below to visit the Flea Market Style magazine blog.
What’s your next DIY project?  Or what’s new?  I’d love to know what’s going on with you. 🙂

Dresser Labeling

In honor of the Silhouette Giveaway, I’ve been using my Silhouette machine like crazy. You’d do the same!  I know it!  I’d say one of the best things about cutting vinyl is the ability to label things.  I imagine my entire house will be organized and labeled before the end of the week. 
Please bear with me as I post a few Silhouette tutorials for those looking for tips.
We have a dresser in our upstairs hall that holds an extra supply of toiletries and towels.  I gave the dresser a makeover a little over a year ago (dresser/stairway/hall makeover).  But being upstairs in the hallway, I love that I can get a little whimsical with it so I decided to label the drawers.  Makes it a lot easier for our family to know exactly which drawer to open and serves as a reminder to where extra supplies are (no more yelling where the toilet paper, soap or clean towels are). 
Here is how creating vinyl labels works for me:
Open the Silhouette software.  On the left is a ‘text button’ (the letter “A” in a box).  Click that and type out the labels.  To the right are the font and size options. (Click pictures to enlarge.)
Make sure everything fits within the red cutting area.  Click the “send to Silhouette” button on the upper left task bar.  On this page, I change settings according to the vinyl packaging (speed and thickness).  
Insert vinyl shiny side up and press “enter” to feed.  I find that trying to flatten the “rolled” vinyl works best in helping to keep the machine from peeling up vinyl as it cuts.  Use the blue cutting tip. 
Click “Cut Page” – let the Silhouette work it’s magic!
Press “enter” on the Silhouette machine to unload vinyl.  Cut the project off of the roll of vinyl. 

Peel away the unused part of the vinyl.
I use my fingernail to peel away the extra vinyl inside of the letters where needed. 
You could finish here and peel the vinyl like you would stickers, but the next steps help to keep everything aligned and evenly spaced when applying.
Cut transfer paper the same size as the page of vinyl.
Peel away the grid backing…
Place transfer paper over vinyl lettering.  Smooth and rub.
Cut apart words if needed and trim a little. 
Rub the transfer paper side with a credit card to transfer the vinyl from the blue wax paper side to the thin transfer paper. 
Peel off the transfer paper.  If the vinyl isn’t sticking to the thin transfer paper, put it back together and rub then try again. 
I placed the transfer sticky side down where I wanted the label.
Using the credit card, rub the transfer paper in place. 
Peel away the transfer paper. 
That’s it. The more you do it, the better and quicker it goes!  Hope this helps.  If you don’t have a Silhouette, ordering from custom vinyl cutters these places will achieve the same results!
Design Divasten 23 designsSay it on the WallSingle Stone Blog Button
Here is the dresser way before:
(Please pardon the blurriness. Multi-tasking going on during project and photography.)
Looks like I have a diva on my hands too!

Silhouette SD Giveaway at the DIY Show Off!



I‘ve been so excited about this day for you! The time has finally arrived! Hurray!!!  

Last week I showed you my very first project using my new Silhouette SD!  This week I’m more acquainted with it. I think I could use it every day – getting crafty with vinyl, heat transfers, printable tattoos, sketches, fabric, printable magnets, card stock, glass etching and more!  There are so MANY fun things to DIY!  I’ve been having so much fun getting familiar with it, sticking to easy fun projects until I learn all of the tricks.  It’s addicting!  Here are some of the easy things I’ve created so far:

Chalkboard Wall {TODAY} label (white vinyl) – our spot for writing appointments, to-do, love notes, reminders and grocery lists. The Silhouette SD machine cuts any font on your computer. No cartridges needed!

Numbered Planters (black vinyl).  I used different fonts I already had and alternated the sizes. 

Frosted Monogrammed Apothecary Jar (frosted vinyl).  Monogram B design purchased for .99 at the Silhouette online store. The frosted vinyl looks beautiful in person.  

(Cat Proof) Antique Doily (Silhouette online store .99) on glass end table (white vinyl) Apply to the underside of the glass.

Monogrammed Mirror (white vinyl) 

Personalized Pet Treat Jar

Valentine Doily T-shirt

Now Silhouette is giving away a Silhouette SD to one lucky DIY Show Off reader! 

The prize will be a Silhouette SD, 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of frosted vinyl, 1 roll of transfer paper, and a Home Décor CD of images (retail $375+).

But there’s more! Silhouette is offering DIY Show Off readers a special discount on that same Silhouette and premium vinyl bundle with a unique code SHOWOFF usable at  That promo code will get you the Silhouette bundle for $225 ($375+ retail) and/or 25% off premium vinyl if you’re looking to show off.  SHOWOFF code is active from the 23rd through March 1st (if you don’t win – you still get a great deal!).

You’ll find TONS of ideas, tips and tutorials at the Silhouette Blog.

Giveaway Rules:
It only takes 1 chance to be entered to win but enter all 5 ways to increase your chances!
Leave 1 comment for each of the following:

1) Leave a comment sharing the first thing you’d create if you won a Silhouette machine. 
2) I need your help spreading the word! Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter (convenient buttons at bottom of this post) – 1 entry. 
2) Become a follower or email subscriber to The DIY Show Off – 1 entry.
3) Comment that you follow the Silhouette Blog (tell ’em I sent ya!) – 1 entry.
5) Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post – 1 entry.

Remember to leave your email address in your comment if you can’t be reached via your blog!  Giveaway starts 2/23/11 and ends 2/27/11 at midnight EST.  Winner will be drawn using and announced shortly after. Good luck!

Maximize your chances of winning EVEN MORE by visiting the Silhouette Giveaways going on right now with these blog friends too (please tell them ‘hello’ from me)!

*Disclaimer:  I received a Silhouette SD and accessories to review and share projects/tutorials and one lucky DIY Show Off reader will receive the above listed prize but my opinion is honest and is my own.  

DIY Sunburst Mirrors



a burst  of sunlight; a sudden shining of the sun  throughrifted clouds.

We’re in the midst of a winter weather warning (AGAIN), an unexpected snow storm (AGAIN).  Last week it was near 60 degrees then BAM (teaser!) – yesterday afternoon at least 6 inches of snow fell within a few hours. It took Mr. DIY an extra hour and 15 minutes to get home weaving in and out of fender benders, dodging stopped vehicles and sliding around on the icy un-treated roads in the blizzard.  All while I waited nervously at home, biting my nails, praying for his safe return dodging a bat flying around my living room (he must of thought it was spring too – where is that darn ground hog?  Last week I wanted to hug the little guy, this week … well, no hugs!).  

So, I’m in the mood for something warm and DIY sunbursts feel HOT to me. Sunny = smiley.  Here are some great ideas and tutorials to help you thaw. Click the links for more pictures, details and the full tutorial from some very talented DIY divas! 
danielle oakey interiors




Here are some I shared a few years ago but so worthy of a revisit…
Featured HERE
Featured HERE
Storybook Ranch
And a few entered into the DIY Project Parades…
A girl and a glue gun


Do you have a DIY sunburst mirror?  I’d love to see you link in the comments!  
Stay warm!

Mirrored Windows – Chic & Lovely

Another beautiful old window project. This one isn’t quite old but it’s a DIY inspiration for those old windows lying around – from Holly at Chic & Lovely

Chic and Lovely

Holly had old windows with plans to add a DIY mirror something easily done now with Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint or adding a mirror to the back yourself (see Holly’s inspiration here) but she scored mirrored windows at Hobby Lobby for a great price, no work and the same effect.  The mirrors add so much more interest and light and at first glance, look like an architectural design:


And After!!

Beautiful living room!

Holly even sent over a complete before picture too:

Again, her after. So pretty with warm neutral tones and so much character (adding the mirrors was less than $100!)

There’s LOTS more to see at Chic & Lovely including…

SO MUCH BEFORE/AFTER FURNITURE – you’ll be inspired to dig around in your basement for something old and forgotten! Or to visit her shop – she gives old furniture a new look!


Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful transformations, Holly!

The DIY Project Parade

Do you have something DIY related to share this week?  We’re still working on the kitchen  AND cleaning out the basement so we can get electric to where the kitchen island will be above and choosing the flooring and backsplash.  

I managed to squeak in getting familiar with my Silhouette before taking on a “more involved vinyl cutting project” which has me pretty excited to dive right in but best to know what I’m doing and the tips/tricks with Silhouette before taking on a bigger project. If you don’t have a Silhouette – just look at the pictures to see another fun example of what it can do (giveaway coming this week). Skip the red tutorial text.  If you do have a Silhouette and you’re looking for tips, hopefully this tutorial will help a little.

I made this project to get to know my Silhouette a little better.  A starter project.

This is Lalka.  

She needed somewhere to keep these…

Using the Silhouette SD, I personalized a cookie jar just for her.  Here is how we cut vinyl letters for labeling a glass cooking jar.  Trial and error. I wanted the letters smaller, but for cutting vinyl for the first time, best to go with something manageable. I still love the end result. 

I typed out my label using the Silhouette SD software.  Silhouette will cut any font on your computer – no cartridges needed!

Change settings according to the vinyl package and use the blue tip.  

Feed the vinyl paper shiny side up. 

Send the document to the Silhouette SD (just like a printer except that it has a blade that cuts) and it works it’s magic, cutting the vinyl just deep enough.  It sounds like someone playing pinball. I love that sound!

Next, peel away the negative/un-used part of the vinyl from the backing. 

You’ll see your vinyl letter/word/shape on the blue backing like this:

Now…cut a piece of the transfer paper to size.  Peel off the backing of the transfer paper.

Place over the vinyl letters.  Smooth into place.

Flip and peel the backing of the vinyl paper off.  (Your vinyl words might be all together. Mine are a little separate since this was my first time and it took 3 times to get good cuts. I ended up going with pieces. Don’t give up!)

Now letters are ready to be placed onto the jar. 

Place and smooth, using fingernail to make sure it’s sticking to the glass. 

Peel off the transfer paper. There are places where the jar is rounded, so tiny parts of my vinyl wrinkle.  I smoothed them out the best I could but I’m okay with imperfections.

Now, kitty treats are stored so much cuter than the original packaging. 

Exciting news!



Do you have a DIY project to show off this week?  I’d LOVE to see it!  Or please visit the links to get inspired!

The DIY Show Off

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*I received a Silhouette SD in exchange for product reviews and tutorials, however opinion (LOVE) is my own. 

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the DIY Club’s monthly party!  The new rules make it easier for you to enter your project!  
DIY Club

Diaries of a Whimsical Wife

How can you not love blog posts written diary style by a whimsical wife?

Whimsical Wife Share Button

Especially when she’s a whimsical  wife with amazing DIY talent.  Click the links below for more details, tutorials and pictures or to just say “hi”!

She’s turned an old window into a French Menu Chalkboard for her kitchen…

Her kitchen transformation is a rags to riches.  Plain to gorgeous.  

Here is the kitchen before they bought their home…

Now close your eyes and make a wish … for a beautiful, fresh, bright kitchen. (If only DIY worked that way, they would be less broken fingernails!)


{For more before photos click HERE}
{DWW Kitchen Plans HERE}
{DWW Kitchen Inspirations HERE}

WOW, huh?  I’m still so in love with all white kitchens. Great job, Melissa!
Beautiful projects (I love old windows) and the before/after kitchen is night/day. So pretty! Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa!

Personalize Glassware

This is a great idea for desserts/casseroles + hostess gift for upcoming summer parties and it’s so easy to do.  Using Deco Art Americana Gloss Enamels, you can personalize, label or monogram your glass dish so it gets back to you. Or personalize/monogram bakeware and glass dishes.
Rubbing Alcohol  
Cotton Ball 
Glass Baking Dish (existing or new)
Stencil (Cutting Edge Stencils bird bonus stencil and a letter “B”)
Tape (painters tape)
Foam Brush (Rockler)
Paper Towel
1.  Clean the glass bottom of glass dish with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol and let dry. 
2.  Tape stencil to the bottom of the dish. (Remember to flip words/monograms so they are painted on backwards – it’ll show right side up when the dish is flipped over).
3.  Dab foam brush to soak paint into the foam, evenly distributing paint. 

4.  Apply 2 coats of paint, letting it dry 30 min. or so in between.
5.  Repeat with more stencils and paint colors as needed/desired.

6.  Pull off the tape and stencil. If you need to clean up the lines, use a fingernail/wet paper towel.
I rub my Cutting Edge Stencils under water to clean and hang to dry for re-use.
7.  Air dry for painted baking dish 48 hours.

8.  Place glass dish in oven and set temp to 325 degrees. Dish will warm as the oven temp rises.

9.  “Bake” for 30 minutes.
10.  After 30 minutes, turn off oven and crack open the door to allow glass to cool.
All done! I love it and I’ll always know which baking dish is mine.  I’ll definitely be making something along these lines for desserts and hostess gifts for summer parties!
Note:  The painted monogram/emblem is on the bottom outside of the glass. Not for direct contact with food.
For more detailed instructions, see the preparation and application instructions at Deco Art.

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The Lettered Cottage

Kitchen Makeover at That Saint Paul House

Lindsey from That Saint Paul House has been busy transforming her Saint Paul home into a comfortable haven for her family. She is also dedicated to making a home that takes it easy on the environment. 

Her kitchen transformation was a lot of hard work with unexpected challenges.

See all before and after details and pictures:


BEFORE: Ugly Ugly Ugly OMG UGLY!
New floor!

I love this clever storage solution too (from Ikea). Her lids were sliding off the lazy susan…

Now within easy reach and freeing up more storage space in the corner cabinet…
See more from Lindsey at 
That Saint Paul House

Giveaway Alert at the DIY Club!

There’s a sweet little giveaway going on at the DIY Club!

DIY Club

Click above to enter to win this faux zinc vintage bird hand painted by Cheri at It’s So Very Cheri.

Enter to win a faux zinc fleur de list at
It’s So Very Cheri

Bees Knees Bungalow

Jeanne at Bees Knees Bungalow is all about DIY, paint and the awesome things it can do to refresh and improve a room.  They’ve done their whole home themselves including a wrap-around porch.  Here are a few of the transformations you can find at 
{Bees Knees Bungalow} 
Powder room before…
Is beautiful now (love the soft colors and the awesome floor)!

See more details and pictures at 

Small Bathroom – BIG Change

I have a thing for numbered stairs and Jeanne’s basement staircase is super cute…
Before, not so much…
And the door at the top of the stairs?
Now looks like this…
Love it!
See how she did it at 
One more!  Here is her kitchen when they bought their home…
Yikes – she says that’s wood-grained carpet!
Now though, it’s an eating space full of personality with a pretty tin ceiling, wainscoting and painted diamond wallpaper-look! I see that same design at Ballard Designs!
Thanks so much for sharing your home, Jeanne!  I love what you’ve done!

Bambina Babe Nursery

I thought I had featured this but looking back, it never published. My apologies to Nealy from Bambina Babe (her awesome kitchen featured back in June) because I had the best of intentions.  Hopefully better late than never applies. This nursery is the things inspiration is made of. (You can see all of her inspiration at Nursery Part I and she does a fantastic job of making her own version every bit as beautiful and special.)

Nursery before…

And after:

Walls are Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray and the (faux) Roman shades are DIY!

I love that she calls it a compilation of junk and spray paint. HAHA! The result is beautiful and fun. 

Love this art. She doesn’t say it’s definitely a do-able DIY project…

The bedding is MILDI (mother-in-law-did-it), sewing together a hodge podge of Amy Butler fabrics.  It’s gorgeous!

Hot glue + pink pom pom trim = pretty touch to a plain lampshade.

The little lampstand/table is another thrifty find painted pink.

DIY name art (dischangers would be a great way to prepare these for hanging).

DIY lighting – she spray painted an old fixture from their dining room and added crystals with the help of her mom.

Isn’t it darling?  Beautiful results using a little DIY and thrifty finds!

Thanks so much for sharing, Nealy!  You did an amazing job on a small budget with great results! I love it!

See more of Nealy’s DIY talent and beautiful photography at 

Closet Office – More than Rubies

With a new baby on the way and a craft room turning nursery, Amber from More than Rubies was looking for a place to organize her craft supplies and create an office space.  After a lot of research, they decided to turn the guest room closet into an office. Here are some pictures of her inspiration:


from dwellerswithoutdecorators

First, they cleaned out the closet (before):

Second step was to re-vamp an old computer desk (a GoodWill find).
They used 7ft piece of plywood to extend the desk top to fill the closet.

Sanding, priming, and painting.

After getting the painted desk and desktop into the closet, they added some side shelving for additional storage…

As a finishing touch, they added a piece of molding to the front of the desk so that the plywood addition wasn’t so obvious. It worked out perfectly!

Now, they have an fun space for Amber’s craft supplies and a small organized office area!  

< br />

The total cost of the closet re-model was about $100 dollars. Amber plans to find curtains to cover the opening for when it’s not in use.  

Creative use of space, Amber – I love that it’s so organized/out of the way!  Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!

For more of Amber’s DIY projects, visit her blog at MORE THAN RUBIES.  

Pocket Door Installation

So cool! The DIY’ers from The Life and Times of the Marshalls have installed a pocket door. They make it look so easy and the result is beautiful.  

Dining Room – Involving Color

Have you ever wanted to browse for room inspiration images by paint color or room type? It’s a great tool for helping you see certain colors in different rooms.  Jena from Involving Color has a place to do just that! 

Today I’m honored to feature Jena’s dining room makeover. Here is her dining room before:

Here is her dining room after.  See all of the details and more pictures at 
Beautiful job, Jena.  It’s so welcoming. I love the blue walls and creamy white faux wainscoting (something I’m inspired to do in my home this summer), crown molding and shutters. Decor is so pretty!
There’s more of Jena’s home tour at