DIY Drawer Desk

Shannon from Shannon Makes Stuff sent over this cute drawer desk tutorial. I love it! Shannon has a great blog full of DIY tutorials. You might want to pay a visit and grab an idea or two. 🙂

Drawer Desk

Follow the tutorial above. And read below for more detailed instructions.

1. Take the dresser drawer and on each corner screw a table leg. Place two screws in each leg to avoid them from turning. The screw tops will show in the inside corners of the desk.

2. Take a board that is 1.5 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the drawer and place it on the top of the drawer. Make the long side of the board even with the front of the drawer. Screw to hinges onto either side of the them.

3. Stain all the wood pieces, or paint to your liking!

To make the chair.

Cut a 12X12 board and a 12X15 inch board. Screw the long board on to the edge of the square board. I used four screws along the edge. Then drill four holes in each corner of the under side of the chair. Attach coffee table legs that come with a center screw already attached. Simply screw into the holes you drilled. Then stain.

It’s as simple as that!!! A desk just like I used growing up at elementary school!!!

Thanks for sharing your cute desk tutorial and the other awesome tutorials in your fun blog Shannon!

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