Birthday Celebration & Giveaway!

Birthday celebration time! Way back in 1970 on this day, I was born! (You’re doing the math in your head, aren’t you? Darn it! lol) I occasionally share a DIY essential oils recipe but today I want to discuss essential oils and Young Living a little more in detail so bear with me. I’m just as passionate about how a few drops of essential oil impacted my lifestyle as I am about sharing DIY projects!  

Young Living essential oils birthday promotion @diyshowoff

Coming up on 2 years ago, a dear blog friend of mine introduced me to Young Living essential oils. Actually, several blog friends! But took me a while to get on board. Too trendy. Just not my thing. I feel fine. They’re pricey. Yes, I’m one of those passionate oilers NOW – crazy about Young Living. Why? I went from skeptic for over a year to believer when I finally got desperate enough to give essential oils a try for something I struggled with daily. Yes, daily. I went from working outside of the home in a health care setting to full time working from home and part of that was influenced by occasional anxiety. It was a challenge to leave the house some days. I struggled with it when traveling. Not just out of state, long trips, but sometimes simply with going to the store. On a blog retreat, when rubbing on an essential oil worked instantly, my mouth dropped open. From there it sparked a desire for wellness, using essential oils to promote a healthy new me and a healthy home. I was a die hard $$$ candle, bath and body products and designer perfume kinda girl. I was breathing in and applying toxic ingredients topically and paying big bucks to do so, never really considering the risk. <— and that was also impacting my family with diagnoses in a big way too. 

I suddenly realized, those little things I didn’t give a second thought to, were having a negative affect. I’d rather breathe in and apply products to my skin that have benefits, not scary side effects. And I truly want the same for you! I don’t care if you get them from me, some other friend or relative, although I do highly recommend Young Living (not all essential oils are created equally!) and it’s my birthday wish for everyone to celebrate by giving them a try too! So, here’s a birthday special: 


And when I see that you ordered a premium starter kit, I will be celebrating you! ::jumping for joy:: !Young Living essential oils birthday promotion @diyshowoff

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NOW for a little lot more, which I did pare down but still feel compelled to share. 

For blog friends: A little about why I’m making time to pursue a business with Young Living along side my blogging career: I’ve been blogging since 2007 and it’s quite the journey, isn’t it? I LOVE it! I love the relationships that develop (hello, friends!), I love that I’ve been able to turn what I love to do (DIY!) into a something that I get paid for. #dreamjob! Right? At the same time, it’s work. Hard work. It’s consistently changing, learning new things. It involves not only getting familiar with the technical aspect, it’s the ever-changing world of social media and new programs, it’s planning, implementing and completing a project, it’s photography and editing, writing and publishing, promoting and marketing, deadlines and creativity. It’s JOY and exhaustion. And I am not complaining one bit, just sharing what it takes: lots of time and energy to grow your blog. Then I started using essential oils. It made me realize, a beautiful home starts with a safe environment for my family…a toxic free one. And that fits with my blog’s mission. In fact, it’s now the biggest part of what I hope inspires you if you’re reading this all. If you don’t already offer a product, I believe that once you try essential oils, you just might want to share them with your readers too, that it WILL fit naturally with your blog’s topics because … ‘HOLY AMAZING-NESS’, you’re going to fall in love with essential oils and the benefits and you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. Feel like it won’t be a good fit? First, wellness is a good fit for EVERY BODY. Second, I really feel like essential oils enhance your experience with just about any interest you have. Third, you might just be blown away when your Young Living check passes your blogging income! And fourth, there is an essential oil blend called “Stress Away”…um, hello! haha!

For Non Bloggers: Most people share the same struggles…not feeling well, working at a job that has little reward, a home filled with toxins, limited income potential and absolutely 100% no desire to even hear about a network marketing career. <—that last one was me. Young Living is so different. 92% of Young Living members only ‘use’ the products, love the products. That means, it’s not about the money. And I feel that step is most important. If you’ve put off trying essential oils because “c’mon…it’s ridiculous that an essential oil could make any difference with ‘my’ issues”, ::eye roll:: then of course you wouldn’t consider the career opportunity. But have you tried Young Living? Or do you skip over any mention because…it just turns you off? The premium starter kit specifically put together with 11 essential oils and a diffuser so that it’s easier to really give them a fair trial. And out of those my personal friends (team) shared with, 99.3% LOVE them and use them (yes, I just stepped away to do the math). Um, that’s pretty amazing! And of those 99.3%, 84% are sharing (making money) because there are no quotas, no need for a qualifying month to maintain your status as a lifetime member to get your 24% discount. Plus, it’s something anyone can do. But know what? There is no obligation. Do you discuss your favorite restaurants, movies and books? Do you get a paycheck when you do? When you refer friends to Young Living, you have the ability to build a business. Most people like me, NEVER want to pursue that option. Until it happens that you do share and you do earn a paycheck then…”well, maybe it’s worth looking into a little more”. And then? OMGOSH…the potential?! Sign me up!

Young Living essential oils business opportunity

Purchase the premium starter kit today at (Don’t forget the awesome birthday deal!!!) Then share and sign up 1, 3, 20 friends, family members or acquaintances before the end of March using YOUR member# as enroller/sponsor at WOO-HOO! You just earned a paycheck!

Young Living has an awesome business opportunity that once you purchase the premium starter kit IS available to you! No obligation. No penalty if you don’t ever place another order, no penalty if you don’t build a business. No HUGE investment. Purchase the Premium Starter Kit, and that opportunity is just simply there. What I want for you is wellness. And Young Living products contribute to empowering you to make healthier choices. The business side? Never required but I’d love to talk to you about it. It’s easy. Seriously, so. easy! It truly doesn’t feel like ‘business’ because it’s simply sharing from the heart.  And the fact that I have a team of friends (including several blog friends too, in fact) to hold my hand, lead me, encourage and support me…you will have that too! 

I use Young Living, I love the products (they’ve been life-changing for us). I know it can be a lot to spend on something you aren’t sure about but I never ever had any regrets for saving for it/splurging. I do regret that I wasn’t open to essential oils the first time I heard about them and so, I feel compelled to share. Because perhaps me sharing will help you make the decision sooner. 

I’d love to share just how amazing the entire Young Living lifestyle can co-exist with your current career and interests, your lifestyle and how it can take you to the next level of achieving more if you’re willing! Let’s talk!  Unlike this blog post if you’re read my ‘novel’, I promise I’ll let you get a word in. 😉

Enjoy the day!