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Each week, DIYShowOff hosts a link party to ‘show off’ your creativity and hard work – all things DIY! It’s that time of the week! Link up below or browse the thumbnails, click and make some new DIY loving friends!

That DIY Party

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DIYShowOff weekly recap: 

• As you can see, there are some tweaks to the DIYShowOff blog look happening! What are you thoughts?


DIYShowOff before

DIYShowOff before

After (a work in progress):

DIYShowOff after

DIYShowOff after

• AND! More progress on #helloredreno coming!!! See the SNEAK PEEK at DIYShowOff on Instagram – it’s the 1000TH POST! Click “Follow” to stay up to date! 

#helloredreno #shawstyleboard #helloredreno #shawstyleboard

• Then of course, I can’t not share this with you because it’s such a huge part of my life. It’s too good not to share! It’s a life changer! In just one year, when I started using the products my team hit the rank of Executive in Young Living. It has changed our lives and the opportunity that exists for our grandchildren. I’m now a Silver headed for the rank of Gold.

And here’s the thing. No one ever hits these ranks alone. It is the entire TEAM that does it! Together, we make a HUGE impact in others lives, and in our own. 

I’m not telling you these things to brag. I’m telling you these things because 4 years ago, I would have *laughed* if you’d told me this would be our reality. I want this reality for you, too! I’m having fun with a blogging career but I really really love the residual income provided by using and sharing chemical free products and essential oils that I LOVE!


Look at this carefully. How would each of these ranks change your life?

work from home

Since we are discussing ranks/income, here’s the YL income disclosure statement I legally have to share:

You are not stuck. 
You are FULL of potential.
It only takes a decision to say YES and not to quit.
You can live the life you dream of!

You can literally start RIGHT NOW!

If you do NOT have a YL account yet, I am ready to join forces with you, DIY friend, straight toward your freedom! I’m passionate about helping others achieve success and so is the entire friendly and inspiring team surrounding me. Just say the word! Let’s do this thing!!!!!

essential oils @diyshowoff

Haven’t added essential oils to your home yet? CLICK HERE to learn more about getting an amazing brand of high quality oils. I’ll also connect you to some fun and helpful communities on Facebook. You may even recognize some of your favorite DIY bloggers in the groups! It’s an amazing community of friends! I also teach classes regularly so they don’t just sit in the box and I’m offering a 2ND DIFFUSER when you purchase one of the Premium Starter Kits HERE! One for your home, one for your tool box! 

Party time:

Let’s get this party started! 

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1. Please use the button above or text and link to this post to share the linky love. Here is the link:

2. This blog linky party is for YOUR DIY projects only and YOUR IMAGES ONLY. Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only. Please do not link giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a collection of inspiration that isn’t your own DIY project.

3. By joining the party, you give permission for your project to be featured and ‘shown off’ via blog highlight, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+. (Note: When pinning favorites, I prefer that you have a Pin button on your image or a Pinterest sharing button on your post.

4. If you’re here to share your DIY and link up or just browse the links for DIY inspiration, please consider visiting one of the links above to or leaving a comment to let me know what you think about my DIY too! Feedback makes my day! Thank you so much for your support!

5. If you’re viewing in mobile, you may need to click over/convert to “desktop view” to see the links.

6. Limit three links per week per blogger per party, please. Thank you!

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